Happy Father’s Day

On this day set aside to honor dads, it is my pleasure to wish all fathers a wonderful day. I was taken out to dinner last night, and enjoyed some quality time with family. At the church I attended this morning I had the privilege of watching a live scype interview on a large overhead screen with the preacher and a doctor serving in Afganistan who is soon coming home. I know that makes his family proud; both knowing that he has been able to be of service to our country and that he will soon be back with them.

All of this should remind us that regrdless of the problems which we have had as a nation, we still have been abundantly blessed in America. And families which are fortunate enough to have good fathers should be proud indeed. I know I am proud that I had a father who loved and encouraged me. I have not always been the best father in the world, but I do love my children and I make certain that they know it.

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