Upon what should our minds dwell?

I have written easy-going metric poetry since my youth. I was influenced by such people as Lewis Carroll and Nathaniel Hawthorn, though I enjoyed the likes of Poe. I just wrote a poem which I wanted to share. Sometimes I think we get so serious about life that we don’t enjoy the good things.


I realize our turtles are rightly tortoises,

I know that our rabbits are hares.

It’s true that our blackbirds are starlings,

But Darling, I don’t really care.


I know that today was tomorrow yesterday,

And that we will never move to there—

The future is a mist we all must wander through,

But frankly my dear, I don’t care.


It is only for Love that we should live our lives,

Some days are murky; others fair.

As for the trifling angst of pampering everyone,

Frankly I have learned not to care.

6-24-15, 7-8-15

For more such verses look up my books, Reflections on LIfe and I Walked My Dog This Morning. They’re both on Amazon.


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