Love is the Key to Survival

My father was a democrat and my mother was a republican. I have lived in both the North and the South. I have friends who are liberal and friends who are conservative. I am neither a Socialist nor a Nazi; neither an extreme left winger or extreme right winger. Does this mean I am apolitical or that I have no religious beliefs? Certainly not. I hold all truth to be in high value. But I am open minded and fair, and hate and dissention will never bring America or the world, together. I don’t think we have to fight each other to bring peace. But I believe that we can co-exist by being civil and showing love and compassion to all persons of all faiths, religions and political convictions. I am a follower of Christ, but don’t agree with all who call themselves Christian. A big problem in any society is extremists who attempt to force their ideas on others. Lives speak volumes. Loving all humanity and all creatures and even our earth which gives new life each year is the key. What part of LOVE ONE ANOTHER do we not understand? So let us pray for peace, not only in our world, but in the hearts of men. The actual declaration by the messengers (angels) declared in the biblical account at the birth of Jesus was, “Peace on earth to men of good will.” Let’s be men and women of good will so long as this age continues, which will usher us into a better life now and forever.

2 thoughts on “Love is the Key to Survival

  1. Everything I say and do is for the higher good of all concerned. Always endeavoring to do the right thing, I accept total responsibility for my actions and am committed to living my life responsibly. I dare to uphold the truth, doing what I know in my heart to be the right thing. I live my life the way I would like to be remembered, demonstrating respect and treating others as I would like to be treated. Sincerity is a value that I honor every day. Speaking the truth is the only way I know. I strive to provide a positive example to all that I meet on my daily journey.

    If each of us were impeccable with our Word, based solely on love and truth, the world would be very different.

    In keeping with this website

    Your word (small case) has to do with the things you say; these are phrases that you speak and write that come out as opinions, or comments, the thoughts in your head.

    Your Word (upper case) has to do with the power you have to create through emotions, attitude, actions, what you refrain from, and what you express as your belief.

    In summation, I agree with all that Stan has taken the time to share here.

    • Thank you Michele. I appreciate your input. Interesting thoughts both from you and the website you referenced. Hurting others is never my goal, though sometimes we may each do so unintentionally. Most of all, by both word and deed I seek to lift up the higher self and bring out the best in others.

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