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Since our present website went up there have been nearly 131,000 views, and my blog has received well over 5,000 hits. I want to thank those who have been to our site, and even more the ones who have ordered books on the site, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers, at book signings that I and other St. Clair Publications authors have held, or at retail outlets. There is no way currently to get an exact number of books we have sold in the past few years, particularly since our entry to accepting our first outside authors in 2009. But there have been been a very great number. Every day someone buys our books. A majority are purchased in the USA, but many have been sold in outer countries such as Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, and the list goes on. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have kept our little company in business and continue to purchase our books and ebooks!

Most recent releases include Exploring Our Exciting World Books One, Eight and NIne. Book Eight on Europe and Book NIne on East Asia have a variety of talented contributors. Then there is Coach There is Hope! a wonderful how-to book on coaching by Tennessee Technological University staff member, Dr. Lenise Rosemond; I Walked My Dog This Morning, a full color interior collection of my recent poetry; and 200 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names and How They Found Success, a unique pictorial book of intriguing facts about celebrities from all fields which has no equal in print.

All of there recent releases are for sale on Amazon sites worldwide. Then there are the old favorites such as Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, my very popular book on common sayings used by numerous colleges and public libraries; Sleepers Awaken: Now is the Time to Create Your Own Reality and many other great sellers by Michele Doucette; Understanding the Crystal People by Genn John; Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot, the best-selling true crime story which I co-wrote with my late friend Captain Ron Cunningham which was recommended by a college for Criminal Justice students; A Teachers Prayer, the captivating true story of Tammy Mentzer Brown used in numerous group studies, Pieces of My Heart, the heart-wrenching true story about a mother’s search for her child which she was forced to give up for adoption by Katy Olaf Ishee; Off the Back of the Rim, a study in what makes a great athlete by Tennessee Tech Women’s basketball coach, Allison Clarke, Secrets from Behind the Chair, true stories of redemption told by beautician Cherie Jobe, and Infidel: Legends of the Men of Iron Book I, a sequel to the classic Men of Iron by Howard Pyle (also available from St. Clair Publications Classics division) skillfully told by Kent Hesselbein. These are only a few of the great books we have available at St. Clair Publications! Those who haven’t and those who want more, check us out today! You may be pleasantly pleased by what you see.

4 thoughts on “Thanks for Checking Us Out

  1. Thank you for all the work — I’ve ordered your book. This history of Scotland, Oakley, etc is just about as fascinating as it can get. Oh, to be a fly (with a recorder) on the walls of the St. Clair’s in the Medieval Times…..

    I also follow Scott Wolter (Hooked X research) and Steve St. Clair as best as I can…

    • Thanks, David. This book by Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me is getting great initial response. Tomorrow it will be launched at Rosslyn Chapel Book Shop and will go on sale on Amazon which has pronounced it one of the best books of 2015 so far.

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