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Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative E


When I published the first volume of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions it was my hope that it would become a standard bearer in its genre for people to discover new truths about the fascinating English language. I am happy to say that it has. On a regular basis I hear or read new reports of how the book is used. A minister said that it helped him in preparation of his sermons, and in his opinion was the best book every published of its type. A school teacher said that it was great for helping with students, and it has been praised by numerous authors. About a week ago I heard a head librarian on a radio talk show say that he kept his copy on his desk at the library and referred to it regularly. Then about a day later I saw a thesis on line which had been written by a PHD student at Vanderbilt University to obtain her doctorate which quoted this book. The thesis was approved. Just this morning I saw a new review on Amazon.com by a man who, as a newspaper writer, gave a copy of two books to a Ukranian student to help him learn English. This book was one of those two. He, like 21 out of 24 reviewing it on Amazon, gave it 5 stars. Now my new book has barely hit the Internet. For those who enjoyed the first book, it is just as detailed and deeply researched as the first. For those who don’t have either, I have had my webmaster, Kent, place a special offer on the site for the books as a set at a special price. Those of you who read ┬áthis and order this set from my site at stclairpublications.com will be receiving signed copies. I appreciate each of you very much! .

Most Comprehensive Origins...

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