Exciting New Novel Release – The Atlantean Identifier by Léopold Álvaro

Every once in awhile a new novel comes along that excites me. This is one of those! And it’s from a great new author, Canadian  Léopold Álvaro!

John is on a quest to find the truth about the discovery of North America. His lead is the lost treasure of the Knights Templar and the legendary Henry St. Clair voyage to Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1398. John soon discovers that his personal quest is interlocked with the past life revelations of his son. Their collective search triggers an investigation of world events, leading them deep down the rabbit hole; a search fraught with intrigue, synchronicity, danger and murder. In the end, the treasure of the Knights Templar is finally located, but unbeknownst to all, its reach has always been beyond worldly measure.

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3 thoughts on “Exciting New Novel Release – The Atlantean Identifier by Léopold Álvaro

  1. I was proud to be the editor for Léopold.

    As stated on my review of the book ……..

    Are you ready to embark on the most important voyage of your existence? Are you ready to delve into the knowledge, the wisdom, the understanding of the truth? Are you ready to find your moment, one whereby the gravitational pull of the ordinary has long since disappeared? Are you ready to cross the threshold that has long confined you within the box, within the confines of the matrix, the System, that serves to control? What you intuitively know is not based on information, but insight. This is your moment; no one can take it from you, no one can erase it from your memory bank, except you. In truth, the time for liberation has come; the time is now. So, again, I ask …… Are you ready?

  2. I’m truly looking forward to this novel carrying messages we all need at this evolutionary time. It’s past time to step out of the fear scarcity matrix into a love abundance paradigm that will save our planet, eradicate poverty and bring the joy and happiness that comes from our love for each other everywhere. Thank you for all your efforts in making this book a reality!

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