St. Clair Publications Salutes It’s Authors and Their Books!

To date, St. Clair Publications has published 106 paperback titles, the lion’s share of which are also available as e-books, mostly on Kindle, some on PDF through our website as This body of work may be attributed to a total of 44 authors, a few classics, and some previously published authors who felt that we were the best option for the next title. Most, however, were written and published by individuals who felt compelled to share their passion with the world. Authors, we salute you and appreciate you all! Our motto is “Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World”..

Numerous other titles are always in process of being written or in some phase of editing or publication. Our content manager, Michele Doucette, is currently in process of a major move, but will be thrilled to hear from you. Simply post a comment to this blog entry and I will have her contact you at her earliest convenience. In the meantime, visit our website or purchase any of our great selection of books of all genres at Amazon sites worldwide.

12 thoughts on “St. Clair Publications Salutes It’s Authors and Their Books!

  1. To think, when you began StCP in 2009, just eight years ago, that we would have reached 44 authors; truly amazing, aye? I, for one, am hoping to work with many more. As always, thank you for sharing.

  2. Dear Stanley J St. Clair, I own both of your Most Comprehensive origins of Cliches, proverbs, and figurative expressions and I love them both, but I was wondering when or if your ever gonna make a third volume. Because I noticed in the first 2 volumes, you don’t have the sayings “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know” and “Every Rose has its thorn” (which was made popular by the 1980′s hair metal band Poison song). Plus given the ever evolving English language, I’m pretty sure you can find enough cliches, proverbs, and expressions to create another 500 page books. Thank you for reading and Godspeed to you.

  3. Also, will you be adding some famous movie quotes, because it be neat to read you explain the origins of Clint Eastwood’s most famous quote from Dirty Harry “Do you fell lucky punk? Well, do you?” And the Godspeed quote would be a nice edition.

  4. Thanks, glad to know your still writing this book series, because I do believe the world should have 100% historically accurately written documents on the origins of the most popular sayings of all time (like everything else).

  5. Also does your third volume also include the sayings “wing it” and “go big/hard or go home” because I have been hearing alot of people say them and I found their origins online just yesterday, and given how we all know what they mean, it only makes sense to learn when and where these sayings first originated (like I’ve mentioned before). Thanks and you’re welcome.

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