Newly Revised eBook Now Avialable!

I would like to congratulate my Editor In Chief, Michele Doucette for doing an amazing job of professionally converting Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions Volume II, Kindle Version. This book is now up live on Amazon in a much improved status! Even if you presently own the original Kindle Version, please check out this book! It now has an alphabetical index and is well structured throughout, and for only $4.95.

The original Volume I, as professionally converted by by great friend and Graphic Artist, Kent Hesselbein is, of course, still available, and is selling well after all the time it has been out.

Both books are also available in paperback on numerous websites worldwide. If you don’t have either of them, please check them out today!

2 thoughts on “Newly Revised eBook Now Avialable!

  1. You have certainly found your niche with these publications; it was my pleasure to be able to assist you.

    It is wonderful to see St. Clair Publications growing. I take considerable pride in knowing that we are big enough to reach the world, but small enough to care for each person.


    • Yes, Michele, I agree. I am working on the third volume which will likely be almost as large as the original. It seems there is no end to the expressions we use in our daily life. Now people can know about how long they have been around. Some of them predate the English language itself!

      You did a splendid job re-formatting Volume II for Kindle. Everyone who appreciates the way the original volume looks in Kindle should now get this one!

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