Outstanding Books: Number Three

Today’s feature is Understanding the Crystal People by Gen John. It consistently sells around the world, in the U.S., the UK, the European Continent, India, Australia, etc.

Genn John lives in Arkansas near the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World. She has been the Keeper at Arkansas Crystal Works, acting as the legs for the Crystal People since 1995. Having recently accepted the honor to be their voice as well, she is the author of Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook For Lightworkers.

Growing up in California, she was the granddaughter of rock hounds; hence, her love of rocks in general but crystals in particular. Beauty is obvious when you look at a crystal. They are sparkly, shiny and gorgeous. Initially, however, it never occurred to her that they, too, might emanate life. She didn’t know that they might contain an internal spark (of intelligence, of life) as well as the external one (light, beauty) that she was able to see; perhaps not life as we usually describe it, but life, none-the-less.

About 20 years ago, Genn was re-introduced to crystal after going through chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. As she began using the crystal in conjunction with her treatment, she was also learning about its incredible healing power. Living in Arkansas (one of only three places in the world with enough crystal to warrant mining), she started digging her own crystal. In the beginning, it was purely for recreational purposes; it continued because it became an undeniable addiction. There is nothing quite like digging for your own crystal.

Crystal had become such a huge part of her life, so much so, that she created a website; Arkansas Crystal Works. As a result, she has been adopting out crystal, online, since 1995. Why does she use the words adopting out and not selling? She has never felt that crystal is something she is selling (which implies ownership). Instead, she feels that she is helping the crystal get to where it needs to go. Her role, then, has been to act as the legs for the crystal; in other words, matching the crystal to its new home and then helping it to get there. In Understanding The Crystal People, she has been honored to become their voice as well..

The Crystal People: A Handbook For Lightworkers


Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook For Lightworkers is a working manual and reference guide to help Lightworkers and crystal lovers master their connection to the crystal world. Including a channeled message from the Crystal People, imparted is the knowledge that crystals are sentient beings. Genn takes you on a journey of discovery, following the crystals on their voyage from their inception deep in the Earth through their birth into the light and beyond.

This crystal reference book is a must have for people who desire to fully understand their connection with the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings. In this book, you will learn how to use self-directed, intuitive guidance in working with the Crystal People and how to understand them in your own way, rather than hearing their voice through someone else’s filter.

Understanding the Crystal People is a fun, informative and invaluable addition to any crystal lovers’ working collection.

The Crystal People: A Handbook For Lightworkers

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