Outstanding Books: Number Seven

Book number seven is Secrets from Beyond the Chair by Cherie Jobe, who worked tirelessly in women’s conferences, making this book has highly successful.

As an unwanted child, an abused wife, and a single mother, Cherie Jobe tried to compensate with the various lies that promised to fill the emptiness, but found that, in reality, these lies take women lower and lower into depression and feelings of worthlessness. When Cherie was willing to make radical choices, the result was a brand-new confidence and a freedom to be who God had designed her to be. Now a happily married wife and doting mother, Cherie has served in ministry director positions in churches and traveled all over the country sharing her story and the wisdom she’s gained through an imperfect life. As a speaker and author, Cherie’s friendly smile, honest transparency, and genuine love for women—along with her Tennessee twang—endear her to audiences wherever she goes. She speaks to thousands of women annually, encouraging, giving hope, and helping each woman to come to terms with her own life’s secrets.

Secrets from Behind the Chair


Through a series of heartrending secrets, Cherie Jobe offers the gifts of hope and wisdom, teaching how to be content, peaceful, and strong, even during the bad hair days of life. Her 30 years behind her hairstylist’s chair have given Cherie volumes to share. Having learned the “hard knocks way,” Cherie offers friendship, candid humor and wise counsel when clients reveal childhood tragedies, relationship troubles, and deeply hidden hurts. In shared stories of secrets no longer feared, these ordinary people find extraordinary strength in hope, love and forgiveness.
Secrets from Behind the Chair

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