Outstanding Books: Number 9

This is the next to the last entry of our best selling books. I’m including this one because within the first week it made number one in its genre on Amazon, and in the month of March, 2020, its first month, it outsold any other single book published by St. Clair Publications. Kimberly Ann Elkins and Michele Doucette did an amazing job on this small, full-color book!


WORLD DOLLS: THE EARTH KEEPERS Paperback – March 6, 2020

by Kimberly Ann Elkins (Author)



 The Ancients believed that dolls carried a supernatural power. The dolls crafted by International Artist, Kimberly Ann Elkins, for the past 20+ years, are no exception. Each doll is infused with a vitality, an intensity, an essence, of its own. Each doll has its own story to tell. Interestingly, many dolls have already chosen their owners well before they are sold. As you allow the author to share the history and magic of these dolls, to share her craft, to share her thoughts, it is hoped that you, the reader, will find the doll that has been created for you.










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