Franklin, NC, here we come!

Tomorrow morning Ron Cunningham, Rhonda and I will be heading out for Franklin, North Carolina where Ron and I will be spending Saturday at the Macon County Historical Society signing books.

Franklin is a delightful historic town nestled in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains near the Smokeys. It was there where I spent about ten years of my life while growing up, and about which I wrote “Beyond the Thistle Patch.”

But the main books we will be there to promote are Ron’s and my true trime dramas, Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot, Conspiracy Book II, In Pursuit of Justce, and Reflections of an Investigator, In Persuit of Justice, Book III. They are the stories of Ron’s exciting career in law enforcement and the contract out on his life when he was a sheriff.

If you are anywhere near Franklin this weekend, look us up.


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