Beyond the Thistle Patch now on Kindle

Beyond the Thistle Patch is based on the true story of my youth. Back in the day I was likely a fairly average rural boy. Though I had both plusses and minuses, I feel that the good far outweighed the bad.You might think that living in a rural area in the mountains with little convenience was a bad thing. At times it was difficult, true. But it was not bad. It taught me how to appreciate the blessings then and later. A big plus was the love and concern of my parents without smothering me. They always wanted what was best for me and didn’t hamper my opportunities. I was encouraged to take part in social functions, work for my own money and shown the difference between right and wrong. Note the use of ‘shown’ rather than told. 

My youth made me a strong, resourceful and caring individual who loved others and wanted the best for my own family. Go with me to a simpler time, wnen people were not judged by their college degrees or the size of their bank accounts. Learn the lesson found ‘Beyond the Thistle Patch.’

Now available on Kindle at .

You can even read part of it at the site!


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