Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney

On or about 1 September a fresh and delightful new children’s book will be released by St. Clair Publications.

Noted British faerie artist, Hazel Brown, vividly paints this intriguing story, based on the life and voyages of Jarl Henry St. Clair aka Prince Henry Sinclair, and his voyages to the New World 100 years before Columbus, with all of the skill and rapture of a well-seasoned best-selling author.The brilliant full-color illustrations, many of which cover the entire page, are also most remarkable. 

Haakon, a twelve-year-old lad of Orkney, has waited what seemed an eternity, for the return of his wise and beloved grandfather, a blacksmith who has traveled with Sir Henry, his navigator, Antonio Zeno, and their crew to discover lands far away. He, along with his two young cousins, Jon and Eugenie, anxiously probe for answers to  numerous questions about their mysterious voyage. They are far from disappointed, and not only are told tales beyond their wildest dreams, but experience for themselves exciting adventures which would be the envy of any youngster of their day..

This book will excite children with its fast-paced, carefully-worded tales of blended truth and legends of kIngs and queens, princes and princesses, knights, selkies and fairie folk, all glued together with unforgettable art work. However, it will be equally memorable for adults, who will yearn to read it again and again to their curious offspring.

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