Celebrities love our books

I am always tickled pink when I get a note from one of our authors that some celebrity is reading his or her book and giving positive feedback. This has happened several times. The latest episode was yesterday when I received an email from VJ Mack saying that 60s and 70s Mo-Town pop superstar Gladys Knight (a 2012 participant on Dancing with the Stars) is loving her novel, Black Fog, a time-travel mystery which is a bit racy in spots. VJ is a personal friend of best-selling author, Catherine Coulter, by the way.

Other celebs which have enjoyed our books include country star, Lonnie Mack, a friend of StCP author Katy O. Ishee, and George Cummings, also known as Doctor Hook, which posted lauding praise for Katy’s Pieces of My Heart on-line. Katy is also a friend of Little Richard.

Our books are in the hands of a number of well-known entertainers, including actors and directors. Twice I have been contacted by TV networks, and someday, some of our authors hope to have movie deals. No one ever knows what may come for getting one’s book into print.

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