Early voting

For some, early voting in the US Presidential race has already begun. Here in Tennessee, it begins soon. I have friends on both sides of this race, but I still feel like it is the duty of every American to get out and vote.

Tonight there is another debate being held, this time in a ‘Town Hall’ format in New York. If anyone is still undecided, listen carefully and make your choice based on the issues. This is too clear a choice, too closely contested and the stakes are too high not to participate if you are a registered American voter. Rhonda and I will be getting out early, as usual. 

So, if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about our leaders. Who do you feel will do the better job of leading us out of the current economic crisis and getting our nation moving in the right direction? The choice is yours and mine. Express your rights or you may lose them.


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