Michele Doucette books now on Kindle

This Christmas, the number two most popular gift was tha Kindle Fire.  Spiritual author and novelist, Michele Doucette, has just included four of her insightful works in those avaliable on Amazon Kindle. Some have wonderful color illustrations which will show up brilliantly if you own a Fire.

Her current Kindle e books are her first novel, A Travel in Time to Grand Pre; The Ultimate Enlightenment for 2012: All We Need is Ourselves; Turn off the TV:  Turn on Your Mind, and Veracity at its Best. Michele’s e books start at only $2.99, and are sure to keep your interest. Send a copy of one of these inspiring titles to your Kindle today and find out why she is so popular among young aspiring adults.



2 thoughts on “Michele Doucette books now on Kindle

  1. As always, Stan, thank you so much for what you do as both publisher and friend. I am thrilled at having secured a program that has enabled me to convert my manuscripts to Kindle format. Knowing how much time and effort it takes to do so makes the success that much sweeter. So, too, does it make me appreciate all that Kent does for St. Clair Publications. Before too long, you shall see all of my publications as KIndle ebooks; all, that is, save the monstrous genealogical tomes!

  2. As always, you are welcome for whatever we are able to do to assist in your adventures into the fulfilling world of publishing and reaching out to those around the world who appreciate the worthy work that you do. And thank you for all that you contribute.

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