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Getting published in the twenty-first century is not the major problem it was a few decades ago. The real issue now is the cost. With the advent of Print On Demand, commonly known as POD, the traditional publishing houses who seem to thumb up their noses at most aspiring authors who have not proven themselves, have had to step back and take notice. In many cases, book stores are closing. There is also a major trend toward e books (which we also put out).

When POD publishers first showed up, they started socking it to new authors, many of whom were still left out in the cold because of thier inability to pay the prices they demanded. And their services were even more exhorbitant than the price of getting the books out.

St. Clair Publications was founded with the author in mind, utilizing a small staff of extremely capable folks, most of whom were struggling authors themselves, and who cared deeply for the authors who are on the outside looking in.

We even have a program for getting published FREE for those not needing any author services. And for those who do require a bit of help, I challenge any other POD publisher to dare to compete with our prices.

So if you want to get a quality work published, simply contact me via email at . I double-dog dare you!


2 thoughts on “Getting Published FREE

  1. Print On Demand (POD) publication was simply my best course of action, as a new and aspiring author, for the following reasons ……

    [1] used as a way of printing items for a fixed cost per copy
    [2] average cost is lower for very small print runs
    [3] large inventories do not need to be kept in stock (further reducing storage, handling costs, and inventory accounting costs)
    [4] little or no waste from unsold products
    [5] editorial independence
    [6] speed to market
    [7] ability to revise content
    [8] greater share of royalties kept (as compared with traditional publishing)

    While I certainly appreciate the fact that I earn royalties on every book sold, I specifically appreciate bullets 5, 6 and 7.

    • Thanks, Michele. You have been a big plus for us as a business, and are a consistent draw to our company. You are much appreciated as both an integral member of our team and a contributing author with more books published than any other author to date!

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