Pinterest Updates Give Fresh Inspiration

We all need inspiration from time to time to keep our life experiences moving forward in a positive manner. Some of us are blessed to have a great spiritual family, some a great blood family, and some gain inspiration by the written word.

I have spent a bit of time lately on Pinterest doing updates which I hope will help our St. Clair Publications family and friends in this way. One thing I have done is pin some sayings on my “Great Thoughts” board in which I personally believe. This morning I have placed two of our latest releases there which both exemplify our philosophy of a healthy, positive life.

Go there and see the information about “Off the Back of the Rim: Uplifting Thoughts to Help You Rebound from the ‘Bricks’ of Life,” by enthusiastic Tennessee Tech Women’s basketball coach, Allison Clark, and “Tales from the Smoke House: The Christmas Book” a timely, full-color interior version of expert storyteller Franklin P. Smith‘s uplifting tales as told by old men around a pot-bellied stove in a rural South Georgia store. See:¬†

And just remember, life gives back a lot of what we put into it. Order a St. Clair Publications book today for yourself or for a loved one as a holiday gift of love.