Sixteen Years and Counting

I noticed on LinkedIn that I am celebrating sixteen years since the publication of my first book containing the St. Clair Publications brand. Time surely flies! That book was a limited edition family history of my maternal line mostly for the benefit of family members, though some family friends ordered a copy. It was distributed across the US and to at least one European country.

In the years since things have changed considerably as to the outreach and abilities of this little company. I did several of my own books between 2006 and when I opened up to publishing other folks work in 2009. Since then we have added some great members to our team and developed a number of working relationships which have made St. Clair Publications a name to remember in POD and e-book publication and distribution. We are nearing 100 titles for authors in 5 countries and we are ever growing. These books are distributed around the world. and a few titles have sold beyond our dreams.

Authors who have chosen to publish with us never have told me that we are not very reasonable and always fair in this process. Since we are an individually owned brand, I reserve the right to turn down any book. And I certainly can’t make a claim that all books sell. That factor is largely determined by the author of the book or books and the efforts that they are willing to make to promote their work. If you have something good and positive to say, and want to get it to the marketplace email me at In the meantime please visit us at  or google me, Stanley J. St. Clair, or check us out on any Amazon site and many other online booksellers.

Making a Difference

In the famous 1946 Jimmy Stewart Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, Stewart’s character, George Bailey, because of a tragic loss caused by his uncle’s negligence and the scheming evil of his enemy, Mr Potter, feels he has nothing worth living for and thinks of ending his life. But God sees the true picture and sends an angel to convince him that he has made a difference in the lives of numerous people in their small town. Each Christmas thousands of people still watch the movie and reflect on their own journey through this life.

It is good for each of us to reflect occasionally and remember in what ways we have made a positive difference in the lives of others. Sometimes I feel that I have done far too little. But then I realize that even I have made a difference in others lives.

At St. Clair Publications we strive to make a difference in the lives of aspiring writers by publishing at surprising low cost the work that these individuals feel needs to be gotten out to others. Have you had the dream of becoming a published author, but found that the big publishers are far too selective and don’t want to talk to you? If so, please email me at and I will get back to you about making a difference. Please visit our website and follow the links to get basic information on what we do. We do reserve the right not to publish work that we feel is pornographic, or may be offensive to our market.

Author services at very affordable cost

The primary purpose that I intended by getting St. Clair Publications up and running as a POD publisher in 2008 was to establish a caring, low-cost alternative to other such companies. We have been able to accomplish just that. Our services and published books are high quality productions at lowest cost possible to both the author and the reader.

We have a well-qualified team of professional individuals highly skilled and educated in their part of the process. We have published both first time authors and those who have previously been in print. We not only offer new author editing, formatting and publications both in paperback and hardback (if needed), but we convert to e books, both Kindle version and generic through our eVolve tm Division, but we can convert PDF interior files and indd cover art of existing books for reprints under the StCP logo. Each author is treated as if he or she is a valuable associate, because they are. We have  published authors in the UK, Continental Europe, Canada, and many US authors. We have become a primary place for local authors here in Middle Tennessee. All products are marketed worldwide.

Most people can’t imagine how we can do this and turn out the high quality products for which we are known. The reason is simple. We are not greedy, and we love helping others reach their goals. The actual publication is FREE.

So if you are needing a caring publisher, or just want to read a worthwhile book, see our web site at or contact me at .

Note: some material may not be suitable for publication by StCP and we reserve the right to reject such books.

Writing a book

As both an author and a publisher for a number of years now, I’ve had a lot of people contact me about writing a book. Most of them feel like they have something to say that they want to tell the world. This is a noble goal, and because a lot of folks have it on their bucket list, it’s paramount to have somewhere to turn for guidance in the process who has the knowledge of not only where to begin, but how to put all the parts together and make the venture all it can be from writing the first line to marketing it.

Writing a book can be a frustrating experience, and one which can confuse even the most proficient writer. Then there is the sticky matter of getting it published. Traditional publishers turn down thousands of good manuscripts each day. Back when I wrote my first book, I was actually getting my manuscript read. Today, even that is highly unlikely unless you get professional guidance and choose a publisher who can get and keep you on the right track. But even more alarming is how much many ‘self-publishing’ firms charge for basic services.

All of these are reasons that if you want to write a book, or if you already have done so, St. Clair Publications is the ideal place to turn. Email me at for information…that’s free!

E-books – The Future of Publishing

When Kent Hesselbein and I were discussing directions for St. Clair Publications on Thursday evening, one topic was the fact that some large Publishing Companies have filed for Chapter 13 protection under the bankruptcy laws. This is a shame, but it is caused by two major factors: the weak economy and the shift to digital books. Even a great many of the textbooks used today are e-books.

We already encourage authors to have their work converted to electronic format, and have a great working relationship with Amazon on Kindle versions. One of the directions we are looking at is a generic-type e-book format which can be sold on our website and those of our authors which may be used for a variety of e-readers.

Our goal is to not only stay strong in our marketplace, but to improve both our products and services for a stronger future in our electronic world.


New opportunities for authors coming

Yesterday was a very busy day for me out of my office. A lot of the day was done working to build a community service club, then I met with three people in our organization, first with one, then with two more. I got home very late and didn’t get back to the office.

Just about 20 miles from here, in the area I was meeting our associates, one of the biggest outdoor annual music events in the country, Bonaroo, is in progress. This year they feature such groups as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beach Boys as well as a host of others. Then down the road a bit in Nashville, the CMA Music Fest is on with the Who’s Who of Country Music. Middle Tennessee draws around 200,000 outsiders to the area each June for these similtaneous happenings.

While this excitement is in progress we at St. Clair Publications are planning a little excitement of our own. Kent Hesselbein is working with best-selling local author, Tammy Mentzer Brown, on a pilot program for our offers to other authors. The results are scheduled to be up and running by mid-to-late July. They inviolve individual web site planning and hosting, e-book preperation and sales on the author’s site as well as our site, and trailors with vidoe clips from author talks and other highlights. I will post results here when the test program is up and running. Meantime, grab a steaming cup of java and good book each morning and follow our posts..

Writing from the heart

Today I am using the following snippet from the introduction a future book I am writing which will not be ready for release for over a year:

“Since my mother was a school teacher once included in ‘Who’s Who in North Carolina Education’ who would remove printed works from the shelf and systematically edit the typos as she read, writing and editing just came to be engrained into my makeup. When I gave up art (something I dearly love, and for which I received early recognition) as ‘not my strongest talent,’ I adopted writing and have found its pursuit irresistible. Words have become my paint and the computer, my brush.” 

When one writes from the heart the words seem to flow onto the page or screen of the computer. As one of my authors once said, ‘This book wrote itself.’ When this senerio takes place you can be sure that you are at your highest level of creativity as an author.

Have a great day!

Publishing a book can be easy and inexpensive

I formed St, Clair Publications in order to help new talented authors get their work published and marketed at low cost. I was blessed to have wonderful people to work with which have the same goals as I.

If you feel that you have an inspiring story to tell which will help others, please contact me. You may leave a comment on the blog or email me at .

Authors who we have helped have been on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and had book signings in various places. Most people are very surprised to find out that our services are so affordable.