Outstanding Books: Number Four

Pieces Of My Heart


Katy O. Ishee was born and raised in Wauchula Florida. She attended St. Leo College in Florida, and Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. She has written for The Herald Advocate, Tampa Tribune, Beverly Hills Inquirer and the Citrus Chronicle.    Pieces of My Heart is Katy’s first book, and was previously published by Xlibris Book Publishing Co. of Bloomington, IN.

Back in the ’70s Katy was a double for Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan of Mash (Loretta Swit), and appeared in many events in California. This book has been highly praised by  celebrities like George Cummings of Dr. Hook.

Book Synopsis:

Pieces of My Heart
A true story When 17-year-old Katy is forced to surrender her son to strangers, her life becomes a web of secrets, lies and rebellion. Learn the hidden, yet true, secrets of how unwed mothers were treated by the System, and what actually goes on in government-approved mental wards. Take a trip with Katy to Haight-Ashbury during the historically pivotal Summer of Love, her long, strange trip through the brotherhood of motorcycling, four abusive marriages, dope and booze . . . nomadically headin’ down many highways, back-and-forth, stubbornly refusing to give up on her dream, everything hinging on her search for her only child. Journey thru Katy’s heart, mind and soul: she leaves no detail unturned, no emotion left unsaid in this gut-wrenching true story. Katy shares her experiences with us as waves crashing over the seasons of her life that make us feel we are being skinned alive without the benefit of anesthesia.

Pieces Of My Heart