One week from today – YOU are invited!

I fully understand that for some of you, attending my book signing is impossible–largely because you are too far away. But I wanted to send out a personal invitation to all friends of my blog and facebook.

One week from today, on 9-3-2013, between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM at Linebaugh Public Library in downtown Murfreesboro, TN, home of MTSU and the Blue Raiders, I will be signing my books and offering special prices on copies I have with me. If you are there and I have run out of the book you want, and you tell me you read this blog, I will offer you the same price and mail out your copy later if it is ordered that day. But only if you mention my blog! Here is the lineup:


                                                                                                                                                                                             Retail / Special

Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches  $27.95  $25.00

The Best of Mother Goose                          $8.95    $8.00

Beyond the Thistle Patch and                    $14.95+

Before the Thistle Patch (NEW) set           $ 6.99   $1500

Prayers of Prophets, Knights and Kings  $25.99  $20.00


(early twentieth century novella based on fact)  $8.75   $7.75 

Hope to see you next Tuesday!

Book Signing this Saturday

Everyone in the area of Middle Tennessee is hereby invited to attend the book signing to be held this Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Coffee County Public Library on Hillsboro Rd. in Manchester. Ron Cunningham and I will both be in attendance to sign copies of our true crime books, Conspiracy in the Town that TIme Forgot, Conspiracy, Book II, in Search of Justice, and Reflections of an Investigator, In Search of Justice, Book III. Ron spent over thirty years in law enforcement and at one time had a contract out on his life.

I will also have some copies of On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms. Several other authors will also be in attendance. Hope to see you there! 


Book signing a big success

It was such a great pleasure spending the day Saturday at the Historical Society in Franklin, NC with my good friend and co-author, Ron Cunningham and seeing some old friends and meeting new ones. The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative and the folks at the museum were such a joy to work with. I found that one of my high school teachers, Clayton Ramsey, was recieving an award that very day.

While there I saw some ladies with whom I went to school who are now also authors, Gail Shepherd Deitrich and Gail Kelly Lester. I have begun reading their delightful book, Tales of Two Gails and am finding that so many of our experiences as youth were parallel. After I finish I will be doing a review for my blog. It is available at their web site . I already know that I can highly recommend it.

Also, after the signing, we went to Mason Mountain Ruby Mine, and I was delighted to meet a young lady that is looking forward to working with her husband to write the story of their family’s ownership and management of the mine over the past several generations. I’m looking forward to that as well.

Franklin, NC, here we come!

Tomorrow morning Ron Cunningham, Rhonda and I will be heading out for Franklin, North Carolina where Ron and I will be spending Saturday at the Macon County Historical Society signing books.

Franklin is a delightful historic town nestled in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains near the Smokeys. It was there where I spent about ten years of my life while growing up, and about which I wrote “Beyond the Thistle Patch.”

But the main books we will be there to promote are Ron’s and my true trime dramas, Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot, Conspiracy Book II, In Pursuit of Justce, and Reflections of an Investigator, In Persuit of Justice, Book III. They are the stories of Ron’s exciting career in law enforcement and the contract out on his life when he was a sheriff.

If you are anywhere near Franklin this weekend, look us up.


Forest Gump and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Last evening we dined at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, just one location of a chain of restaurants inspired by the classic movie, Forest Gump. Our waiter asked a lot of questions about the film, which I had seen at least three times. Amazing how many I couldn’t answer. The author lives only a short jaunt from here and according to our waiter still does book signings occasionally.

For our authors, book signings are a great way to get out and meet the readers and reach new ones. Tammy Mentzer Brown, Katy Oliff Ishee, Michele Doucette, Ron Cunningham and myself have done a number of signings this year.

I am enjoying the time of relaxation, and I’m glad that tropical storm Beryl has moved north instead of raining on our parade. Forest Gump and Captain Dan didn’t do well shrimping until the storm destroyed their competition. But I wish no bad luck on any authors with any publisher. There are plenty of readers to go around. But anyone who has an idea or a manuscript to publish, I’d feel honored to hear from him or her. And maybe I’ll meet the next great writer in North Carolina at my next signing!

North Carlina book signing in July

While we were on the way down yesterday, I couldn’t hear my cell ringing and had to take off my headphones. It was Ron Cunningham, my co-author on the true crime books which have sold so well, especially Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot. He told me that we have a book signing at the Historical Society in Franklin, North Carloina (which happens to be my boyhood hometown), on July 21st at the Folk Festival.

Franklin was also the hometown of Charles Frazier, the author of Cold Mountain. Another great book based on historical events. I’m looking forward to the booksigning, but for now, I”ll enjoy the charm of the Miracle Mile and the breeze off the Gulf.