Author services at very affordable cost

The primary purpose that I intended by getting St. Clair Publications up and running as a POD publisher in 2008 was to establish a caring, low-cost alternative to other such companies. We have been able to accomplish just that. Our services and published books are high quality productions at lowest cost possible to both the author and the reader.

We have a well-qualified team of professional individuals highly skilled and educated in their part of the process. We have published both first time authors and those who have previously been in print. We not only offer new author editing, formatting and publications both in paperback and hardback (if needed), but we convert to e books, both Kindle version and generic through our eVolve tm Division, but we can convert PDF interior files and indd cover art of existing books for reprints under the StCP logo. Each author is treated as if he or she is a valuable associate, because they are. We have  published authors in the UK, Continental Europe, Canada, and many US authors. We have become a primary place for local authors here in Middle Tennessee. All products are marketed worldwide.

Most people can’t imagine how we can do this and turn out the high quality products for which we are known. The reason is simple. We are not greedy, and we love helping others reach their goals. The actual publication is FREE.

So if you are needing a caring publisher, or just want to read a worthwhile book, see our web site at or contact me at .

Note: some material may not be suitable for publication by StCP and we reserve the right to reject such books.

To care or not to care, that is the question

Today has been a very busy one for me, as I awoke at 3:00 AM and arose at almost 4:00. I had several online tasks to perform beforehand, then was off to a legislative breakfast at the University of Tennessee Nursery Research Center here in my hometown. The meeting following our meal consisted of talks and a question-answer session with our three state representitives,.Senator Janice Bowling, and Representatives Charlie Curtiss and Judd Matheny. I was able to spend time talking with each of them. What impressed me the most was how well these fine folk work together and care about the people of our state, putting aside party lines, in spite of the fact that one of them is a Democrat and the other two are Republicans. Our elected officials in Washington, some of which I have also met and consider caring friends, would do well to take a lesson from their playbook.

I founded St. Clair Publications with caring as the first priority. I retired from a long, enjoyable career as an insurance agent and manager, at the last over several states. Meeting and greeting is not new to me. But through the years the integrity and caring have gone out of service for many people in public positions. I often wondered how these people keep their positions if they do not have genuine care.

If you need someone to listen to your need to get your message out via the printed word in book form, let me know! You may leave a response following this entry. Have a great day and show care for others.  Meanwhile, we have lots of good books on line. Search for us at St. Clair Publications.

Self Publish Your Book – Caring about the author

I recently got an email from an author wanting to get her book published. She had never published before and said that I would have to ‘hold her hand’ through the entire process. Well, that’s what we do. Figuratively, of course. We understand the uncertainties and anxiety which a new author experiences going down an unfamiliar road. But to myself and my associates, this is not a new road. We gently guide every new author along the path to publication. To us, you’re much more than a number or a way to make money. In fact, the actual publication of your book is free, and author services are likely the lowest in the industry when we are helping you to self publish your book. And you have a respected publisher and logo behind you. That’s because we don’t have to maintain huge revenues to survive, and our books are printed on demand.

So why not contact me at for full details on how we can get you published? Self publish your book within 30 days if it is ready to format. And if you have a complete Microsoft Word Doc and get someone else to a cover to our specs, it will cost you nothing to do the publication. Of course we do have all services, even promotions, available at budget prices.