Tammy Mentzer Brown speaking engagement and signing

A few days ago I posted the fact that several local St. Clair Publications authors were having September book signings, but was unsure as to when Tammy’s was. Then I posted the details of mine on the 3rd, the day following Labor Day.

Well, it turns out that Tammy’s is at the same time as mine! Tammy’s moving true story, A Teacher’s Prayer, has touched and inspired many young people. It relates the crushing story of her youth after the death of her father, including abuse by those who should have been steering her in the right direction. She ended up in a children’s home. Then it tells of how one of her teachers, unbeknownst to her, never gave up on her, and prayed for her well-being for years. Consequently, she was able to rise above her abusive past and begin a life of positive affirmation, a loving marriage and obtain a college degree and give birth to two fine children.

Now she is telling her story in schools, women’s groups, children’s homes and churches. She has been featured in a number of newspapers and on television. She has also developed and published a supplemental guide and leader’s edition for small groups to study her book.

Next Tuesday, September 3, she will be at a mid-day women’s luncheon at First Presbyterian Church in Tullahoma, Tennessee, telling her story and signing books

Prince of Kings is out!

Well, after months of writing and corresponding with Israel Stuart, our  exciting true story is available! This biographical adventure in survival of the fittest, filled with uncanny events and shocking revelations, is out on Amazon! 

Kings, in the story, is a small town in Mississippi. Here, a tow-headed boy begins a life filled with abuse and denial by his parents of his true identity. He is endowed with a special and unique gift, which is also belittled and sluffed off by those around him. When certain events bring him to the brink of truth, he is forced by those to whom he is entrusted to pack up and move to one town after another. Despite all of these attempts, he discovers that he is a special person with uncanny talents of royal lineage. He is able to quickly develop song lyrics for future artists who cross his path which will become hits, but is also prevented from receiving the credit or any gain whatsoever. Yet numerous persons whom he encounter come away better and richer people because of him.

The Prince of Kings is a powerful and touching story which will keep you turning pages and begging for more. Own your copy today at http://www.amazon.com/Prince-Kings-Israel-Stuart/dp/1935786512/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368019832&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Prince+of+Kings+Israel+Stuart