A children’s book 40 years in the making will now help kids around the world!

About 40 years ago I wrote this story with the help of ideas from my young adopted son, Scott, who was sadly taken from us a few years ago because of a long-term, off and on drug addiction. Scott was one of the most loving people I have ever known. Thinking about it has been almost unbearable. During much of his youth I was away from home a lot of the time due to my work. I have partially blamed myself for his problems. I cannot bring back the past, but through my involvement with Kiwanis I have tried to make life better for the youth in my community, and through the work of various funds, Kiwanis International has had a great influence on the lives of countless young people, from infancy through university. They sponsor clubs in schools like Builders Club, Key Club and Circle K. In communities around the world they have helped to eliminate disease and hunger. The Kiwanis Children’s Fund donates funds responsibly to help children around the world. A portion of all sales of this book will go to this marvelous fund.

Today the book, The Choo-choo Clock and the Donkey, was released and Amazon is offering it on the Prime Day Special. Get yours today for a child near to your heart and help children around the world.


Book number 70 about to be released

Since our inception, St. Clair Publications has submitted 70 books to the public, including those now in final stages of release. One would think that I would be the author with the most releases, but not so.

With a total of 21 titles either released of in process of release is spiritual and self-help author, Michele Doucette of Canada. She currently has two of these titles in process.

I have been the primary author of 12 released and one more about to pop on the scene. This one is a small Emma Lynn Children’s Book which is to be a prequel to my autobiographical tale of youth, Beyond the Thistle Patch. It is conveniently dubbed, Before the Thistle Patch, and begins in Canton, Ohio on the spring day of the move to the farm on which I was reared in the mountains of North Carolina in June, 1954.

Geared to pre-teens, it will also appeal to any child of the 1950s who yearns for memories of the past. It should be on Amazon in less than 2 weeks. Happy Reading.

Royal Baby Watch

While the eyes of the world have been focused on St. Mary’s Hospital in London in great anticipation of the imminent birth of an eventual heir to the British throne, our family has also been involved in a baby watch in Toledo, Ohio. Well, our’s beat Kate and William’s little one.

On this past Tuesday, 16 July, at 2:59 PM ESDT, my granddaughter, Felicia Marie Thoele and her proud husband, Michael, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Angelique Rene Thoele. To us this one is royalty. She is my sixth great-grand, and she is both great and grand. I’m looking forward to a trip north that my wife and I will be making shortly.

As for the other royal birth, I want to stick my neck out and predict that this one shall also be a girl and will be born next Monday or Tuesday. My top name pick is Wilhelmina. That’s all just conjecture, mind you, but it’s my opinion and everybody is entitled to one.

In the meantime, while you’re all waiting for either the royal baby or one of your own, be sure to grab a copy of The Best of Mother Goose and Other Nursery Rhymes recently published by St. Clair Publications. It will make an excellent gift for a little one!

Return children to the thrilling days of yesteryear…The Best of Mother Goose

We have seen the revival of a lot of old ideas over the past few decades. Back in the 1970s we saw a new interest in getting back to the past. Roots by Alex Haley brought us a greater interest in the history of our families. Movies like Wilderness Family spurned a desire of many to return to pioneer-style living, and log cabin kits became a rage. Then car companies brought back the first generation of their classic lines and movie companies over the last several years have revived the popular super-heroes like The Lone Ranger, Batman and Superman.

At St. Clair Publications we have brought back a number of the classic novels of the past centuries. In fact, another one will return next week (hint). But today I am announcing something just a bit different.

From the eighteenth century through the mid to late twentieth centuries, Mother Goose and Nursery Rhymes were very popular with parents and grandparents for their toddlers to preschoolers. If you are my age, you will well remember. Now, electronic gadgets have taken away a lot of the pleasure of the old rhymes which delighted our kids.

St. Clair Publications Emma Lynn Children’s Book Division has just released The Best Of Mother Goose and Other Nursery Rhymes Illustrated, which recalls the same delightful rhymes we grew up with. I compiled them and they are available now on Amazon! So give your grandkids a gift from your past–order one or more copies today!

Prince Henry book approved

The delightful new children’s book, Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney, by noted artist, Hazel Brown, has been approved for release today, and will soon be available on our site at http://stclairpublications.com and on Amazon around the globe. I will be filling the pre-orders that I have already recieved right away. If you have any questions, please contact me at stan@stclair.net.

Emma Lynn Children’s Books delight children

In 2011 St. Clair Publications introduced the Emma Lynn Children’s Book Division. The first one was a delightful 370 page novel for young teens titled The Fortold Child of Flame by Christin Grant and Amberlea RIncan.

This entriguing tale takes young readers back to the medieval days of castles, wicked kings, dragons and fairy-like creatures. There is only one hope to save the land; a prophecy has fortold the coming of a young princess with special powers who will overcome the evil powers and rescue her generation.  

Then came Gemini’s Galaxy by Katy O. Ishee, author of Pieces of My Heart, the shocking highly-aclaimed story of triumph over domination and abuse to fulfil her life-long dream of finding her lost son which has been endorsed by top-name entertiners and authors. Gemini’s Galaxy is a fully-illustrated colorful story for children of a baby bear with twin spirits who also overcomes all odds to accomplish things thought impossible. The product of cooperation of five professional persons from around the globe, it is well worth the read for all ages.

This year we will release two intriguing new Emma Lynn Children’s Books: The Peabodys: Icky’s Big Adventure, by Robijo, will be the first in a series of Peabodys Color Illustrated Adventures.

The Peabodys are a diverse family, living with their humans. There is the Mother (Willow, a dachshund mix), the Dad, Chico (a Chihuahua), their children Icky (Icarus) and Piper, Old Uncle Wicket (a miniature poodle) and their adopted member Spooky (a polydactyl cat). The actual daily lives of this little family is nothing less than humorous, but very much like that of a human family. Each of these individuals have such a developed and unique personality that they honestly seem human. Using the concerns facing children today, placed in the context of the Peabodys, Robijo tells stories of encouragement, hope and inspiration.

The other will be Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney.

The book, by talented British faerie artist, Hazel Brown, is based on history and legends. Set in 1398, is centered around Haakon, a bright young boy whose grandfather has just returned from an exciting voyage to a mysterious new land with Sir Henry St. Clair. He and his mother live on the Isle of Orkney, where Jarl Henry is the ruler. Writen in true British style and fully illustrated with remarkable original art, this book will keep a pre-teen to young teen hypnotized as they follow the mysteries that Haakon and his cousins discover. This book is set to release in October, 2012.

I am very proud of our children’s books. You will be too when you get them for your children and grandchildren.