Vacations, getaways and holidays

July is a month filled with celebrations. Tomorrow is a big one, both here in the US, and for our northern neighbors who celebrate Canada Day. A vast array of fireworks will remind us of our independence and love for country. A lot of folks will hit the road.

Rhonda and I got away a bit early, and rented a cabin in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, taking jaunts to Western North Carolina and a little farther south to meet with family members whom we hadn’t seen in quite a while. But we didn’t forget our reading material. We both took books and I also packed my Kindle.

As you escape the hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane this summer, be sure to take along a St.Clair Publication book. If you’re leaving for the 4th, you still have time to visit Amazon and download a Kindle e-book. Just head to our website and survey our selection first. And if you have a devise other than Kindle you can select one of our eVolve editions directly on the site.

So have a safe and happy holiday and relax by reading!

Cyber Monday – Get in on the Specials

Today is Cyber Monday and there are special deals staring at us everywhere online. It is a great time to get the hot prices before they vanish for another year.

While shopping today don’t overlook St.Clair Publiations. There are three ways to save.

First, the FIRST EDITION of Michele Doucete’s terrific original historic time travel novel, A Travel in Time to Grand Pre, a $19.95 retail value, is only $12.95 while limited supplies last.  

Secondly, order multiples of books directly from and only be charged $3.00 postage total!

Thirdly, email me directly at and recieve information on how to save 20% on any of our books which are in stock here at our offices ordered today. You will receive a list of those available and the price, as well as how to get in on the Cyber Monday special.

Also, we now have gift certificates available at the site, and the eVolve Ebook Division is in process of setup!

The more things change the more they stay the same

One of the tasks with which I am involved on a daily basis is the preparation of books for publication, either in printed form or as e-books. When working with classic litterature–those endearing yarns of the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries–I certainly realize the evolving of our language and the difference in common terms which have been lost in the marching onward of the years. That’s why it is intriquing to me to work with cliches, proverbs and idioms in determning their origins and how their meanings have altered with the turning of the pages of time.

But a saying that is certainly an axium is ‘The more things change the more they stay the same.’ The first time this proverbial phrase was brought to my attention was as the title of an article by a dear friend of mine several years back. I am currently formatting the charming Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain for release by our new eVolve e-book division. Though some of the phrases and expressions have gone the way of the dodo bird, the quaint charm and insights into human nature are timeless.


Summer solstice

Today is the longest day of 2012–a year proclaimed by many to be a global game-changer. In olden days ancient tribes would meet on both winter and summer solstice for religious ceremonies. The summer solstice was to celebrate the positive energies associated with the blossoming of spring into summer. Some today still participate in these celebrations.

Regardless of this, summer brings hot temperatures and vacations in which we can enjoy the beauty of nature. When you have opportunity, drink in the values that reading a great book or e-book can bring this summer. St. Clair Publications is about to crank up a new program by which we will have available a number of e-books which may be enjoyed on a variety of electronic devices at one reasonable cost. More on this later. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer!

E-books – The Future of Publishing

When Kent Hesselbein and I were discussing directions for St. Clair Publications on Thursday evening, one topic was the fact that some large Publishing Companies have filed for Chapter 13 protection under the bankruptcy laws. This is a shame, but it is caused by two major factors: the weak economy and the shift to digital books. Even a great many of the textbooks used today are e-books.

We already encourage authors to have their work converted to electronic format, and have a great working relationship with Amazon on Kindle versions. One of the directions we are looking at is a generic-type e-book format which can be sold on our website and those of our authors which may be used for a variety of e-readers.

Our goal is to not only stay strong in our marketplace, but to improve both our products and services for a stronger future in our electronic world.


The Printed Word

The internet, smart phones, and e-books have forever changed the way we communicate. Though I love writing about the good old days, which seem pleasantly nostalgic and conjure up fond memories of bygone days, I have no desire to return to them. I’m content with the blessings and comforts of the twenty-first century that our youth take for granted. That is one reason I am pleased to be able to offer many of our books through Amazon on Kindle format.

Still, there’s something about the printed word, and curling up in with an honest-to-goodness book that can’t be replaced by anything else. They can be taken on excursions where 4G service doesn’t reach. So if you still enjoy removing a book from the shelf and turning real pages, check out the work of our fantastic authors today online at or on an Amazon affiliate worldwide.