Exploring Our Exciting World Book Nine: East Asia is OUT!

Well, as promised, I am posting the release of the timely Volume 9 of the series Exploring Our Exciting World! Why is it timely? It features two areas which have recently been in the news due to disasters: Kathmandu, Nepal where a major earthquake and many aftershocks took thousands of lives and the Yangtze River in Southeast China where a cruise boat capsized killing nearly everyone on board. Both of these locales are in the book featuring the true adventures of Clayton and Anne Brannon who were there less than three years ago.

In all, five persons who visited East Asia including basically all sections of China and the SARs of Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Tibet, plus Nepal and Japan are here telling their true adventures plus things not learned unless a person actually visits this ancient and fascinating part of our Exciting World.

Below is a small excerpt from the writing of Emily Mahoney, one of the contributors, from an experience in Hong Kong in June 2014:

The tall buildings towered on either side, until we came out into a small courtyard type of area. The building on the right stopped and, around that corner, there was the entrance to a temple. Over a thousand years old, it was one of the oldest in the area and was still active. We were allowed to pause briefly to take a picture, but no longer, out of respect for the people. On the opposite side of the courtyard, there was a low door, just outside of which an old man sat smoking his pipe. He quietly watched us as we entered, paused, and continued on. The quiet scene was picturesque and felt almost homey, even though it was so very different from anywhere I have called home. I realized that this was indeed home for many, many people. The moment passed and we moved on. 

Order your copy today at http://www.amazon.com/Exploring-Exciting-World-Book-Nine/dp/1935786946/

Powerful New Book Nearing Release

Final edits are being done on a special and powerful book! Normally I wait until a book’s release before making the announcement. But this one has unique qualities which have me excited. It’s early release was determined by timely factors. This is Book 9 in the series “Exploring Our Exciting World” and only one has previously arrived on the scene. What makes it so special?

1. The recent massive earthquake and those which followed have put Nepal at the center of current news. Firsthand adventures in Nepal are covered in detail in this book, with factors about the recent quakes.

2. It has several expert authors, or contributors, all of whom are relating their own personal adventures in East Asia.

3. Only areas visited by the contributors are included…history learned, geography, adventures and facts revealed to them on these trips which may not be reported through usual channels. I will post here as soon as it is released.

Below I want to include an excerpt from my own section which is particularly singular to my own visit to China:

I was very pleased when we reached the (Great) Wall at Badaling at dusky dark.

As we pulled up, a military maneuver was playing out. A unit of the People’s Liberation Army was marching in unison before the Wall, legs pitching upward, rifles upon their uniformed shoulders, and I felt that I was on a great world stage of a major motion picture.                                                                


Our dinner that evening was an experience like no other that I have ever had, or could even anticipate. My sole regret was that Rhonda was not there to enjoy this unique enfolding of time. If I had thought that our adventure at the Park City, Utah Olympic Park was unbeatable, I was overwhelmed at the grandeur and surrealistic awe that I felt in this particular locale. The temperature had held out so that we didn’t even need jackets, as is often the case on summer evenings there.

Nate, his wife, Kathleen, Spencer, A. J. (the agent I had met from Seattle), a lady named Sherrill (which I can’t now recall), a wonderfully friendly African American couple and I were seated around a table on the impressive pavilion upon which we were served. The full moon, burning a brilliant golden tone, arose like a blazing sentinel in the cloud-swirls of the welkin above. The ambience was beyond description. I cannot even remember the menu that night—only that it was uniquely superb. I do very vividly recollect when Scott, the President of the company, came to our table and I asked him, “Who is responsible for the full moon tonight?” and his smiling reply was a gentle and simple, “That would be me.” Though I knew he was not the keeper of the heavens, he could certainly plan that this exceptional farewell dinner was blessed by the incomparable presence of a bright heavenly body.

I shall never forget descending the Wall steps toward the impressive pagoda along with the smaller one and around the platform to the massive gate. It seemed that we had been granted temporary access to a surreal world, one which only exists in the minds of those who hope to dream.