Breaking into New Territory

I have just finished working up the royalty payments for St. Clair Publications authors for May 1st. It never ceases to amaze me the new territories that our books find themselves in. Besides thousands in the US, we have sold books in CanadaEngland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, India, and Australia. But on today’s pay to author Michelle Doucette, I found that one of her books had sold in Brazil! That’s because she authors books with wide range appeal.

In order for a book to sell to more than a small base, usually around the author’s home, it has to have a subject matter that attracts the masses. Something that reaches out from an attractive cover and makes the public want to buy it. And then it has to be promoted. Several of our authors have their own websites, blogs, etc. Several of them have been featured in newspapers, magazines, television shows and or radio programs. This doesn’t happen by accident.

Since opening our services up to burgeoning authors in 2009, I have offered several things to authors wanting to be published. One is low-cost author services including editing and a great cover by Kent Hesselbein, our professional graphic artist; another is online promotion through our site, Amazon, and availability to other sellers. But even better, I publish the work free of charge once it meets our quality standard. I think even better, I offer the best advice I know how to the authors as to how to market their work.

If you have something you feel deserves being in print, contact me at In the meantime, go on our website at and see the fine books available through St. Clair Publications!

Sharing Worthwhile Thoughts

Last Saturday I had the privilege of speaking for the Warren County Genealogical Association here in my hometown of Mc Minnville, Tennessee. Afterward I had a book signing.

On the evening of April 30, my wife, Rhonda and I will be attending a benefit dinner for the Cancer Society at the Country Club in Tullahoma, Tennessee, where my good friend and co-author of three books, Ron Cunningham will be a “Celebrity Waiter.”

On May 12, I have agreed to speak at College Day for Bobby Ray Elementary School here.

Then on May 16 and 17 I will be hosting a Clan Sinclair tent at the Smoky Mountain Highland Games in Maryville, Tennessee. There I will have select books for sale.

Being an author and publisher is an enjoyable way to spend my retirement years. That’s why I offer inexpensive author services and free publication to authors whom I feel have something of worth to say. If you have worthwhile thoughts which you would like to share with the world, contact me at If you would like to read worthwhile books shared by select authors, see Our quality work is available on Amazon sites around the globe as well, and from numerous other online booksellers.

Speaking for Local Genealogical Association

Yesterday I had the privilege to be the co-guest on a local radio show called Behind the Mic along with local Genealogical Association officer, Marian Spieks. I shared a bit about how family study went hand-and-hand with my getting into publishing books.

Tomorrow I will be the feature speaker at their monthly meeting. It is always a pleasure to accept speaking invitations when time and place will cooperate with my schedule. Being a member of numerous groups (this not being one of them), it is sometimes difficult to work out my schedule.

Helping others fulfill their dreams is a big part of my motivation in doing what I am doing. My own books continue to be a pleasure to write and promote, but I’m not like the guy in the joke who was asked to say a prayer which went something like this: “Dear God, bless me and my wife, my son, John, and his wife, us four and no more.”

I’m doing this to help others reach their goals at minimum expense and achieve the best results possible. So if you want to get published, and think your book may fit into our market, please email me at, and see our website at .

Auburn’s last second miracle

I was but one of the multitude with eyes glued on the final second of play in the Iron Bowl at Jordan-Hare Stadium last night. That alone is a miracle, as I had just turned to that channel to watch another program which was supposed to soon air.

One second remained on the clock. Alabama had made other failed attempts at a 57 foot field goal in an effort to break the 28-28 tie with Auburn. Again the attempt by Adam Griffith failed, but this time Coach Gesmatzahn had instructed Chris Davis to be poised to intercept the ball–a move so unexpected that it worked like a charm. Davis bolted around and through Alabama’s stunned tackles to complete a 109 foot touchdown, winning the game and clinching their shot at the SEC championship! Wow, what a play!

Even if your not an Auburn fan or are even not a normal sports enthusiast, one has to admire this remarkable accomplishment.

Moral of the story: Never give up, even in the face of what seems insurmountable odds.

If you are a writer and don’t think your writing can be recognized, though you feel that it has potential, don’t give up. Contact me at .

To care or not to care, that is the question

Today has been a very busy one for me, as I awoke at 3:00 AM and arose at almost 4:00. I had several online tasks to perform beforehand, then was off to a legislative breakfast at the University of Tennessee Nursery Research Center here in my hometown. The meeting following our meal consisted of talks and a question-answer session with our three state representitives,.Senator Janice Bowling, and Representatives Charlie Curtiss and Judd Matheny. I was able to spend time talking with each of them. What impressed me the most was how well these fine folk work together and care about the people of our state, putting aside party lines, in spite of the fact that one of them is a Democrat and the other two are Republicans. Our elected officials in Washington, some of which I have also met and consider caring friends, would do well to take a lesson from their playbook.

I founded St. Clair Publications with caring as the first priority. I retired from a long, enjoyable career as an insurance agent and manager, at the last over several states. Meeting and greeting is not new to me. But through the years the integrity and caring have gone out of service for many people in public positions. I often wondered how these people keep their positions if they do not have genuine care.

If you need someone to listen to your need to get your message out via the printed word in book form, let me know! You may leave a response following this entry. Have a great day and show care for others.  Meanwhile, we have lots of good books on line. Search for us at St. Clair Publications.

Getting Published FREE

Getting published in the twenty-first century is not the major problem it was a few decades ago. The real issue now is the cost. With the advent of Print On Demand, commonly known as POD, the traditional publishing houses who seem to thumb up their noses at most aspiring authors who have not proven themselves, have had to step back and take notice. In many cases, book stores are closing. There is also a major trend toward e books (which we also put out).

When POD publishers first showed up, they started socking it to new authors, many of whom were still left out in the cold because of thier inability to pay the prices they demanded. And their services were even more exhorbitant than the price of getting the books out.

St. Clair Publications was founded with the author in mind, utilizing a small staff of extremely capable folks, most of whom were struggling authors themselves, and who cared deeply for the authors who are on the outside looking in.

We even have a program for getting published FREE for those not needing any author services. And for those who do require a bit of help, I challenge any other POD publisher to dare to compete with our prices.

So if you want to get a quality work published, simply contact me via email at . I double-dog dare you!