Amazon makes sense

Why is it that every day folks are on Amazon somewhere in the world buying St. Clair Publications books in either paperback or Kindle? Well…the answer is simple. Amazon prints the lion’s share of our books and Kindle is an Amazon registered trademark.

Let’s say you are an Amazon ad exec and you want to promote a book of a particular genre. You have a choice of one printed and distributed by a major publishing company and one printed by a division of your own company. You have someone searching for a book on that subject. What Amazon does is send out an email to that customer promoting their own product. Amazon is doing so well that they are opening new distribution centers–two in Tennessee alone.

And we publish your book in POD free. Only Author’s Services and fees charged to us by others are paid by the author. Amazon makes sense, and St. Clair Publications makes a lot of sense. Visit our web site today at

Famous people are still just people

In my lifetime I have been very fortunate to meet and have conversations with numerous persons whom most may see as important: sports stars, well-known authors, of course, entertainers of note, a war hero, a television host, etc. A good number of polititions are included here. Governors, a ‘Speaker of the House’ in another country, British nobles, US Senators, Lt. Governors and State Officials. Even one future US President. But you know what? They are all just people, like you and I. And many of them never achieve peace of mind. 

We live in a world where too much emphasis is placed on social statis. But inner peace is much more important than how many people know our name. I would rather help one person to achieve peace and reach his or her goals that to be a household name.

I formed St. Clair Publications to do just that. We help people all the time to reach out to their world and beyond with the power of the printed word. Our books express something unique to their authors–the depth of their emotions and their desire to also reach others. They are marketed around the globe. If you are a reader, you can do yourself a favor by checking out our books at, and on Amazon and Kindle. If you are a writer you may contact me directly at to get started on your journey of achieving personal satisfaction and the peace of mind that comes with reaching out to the world with your very own story. And we don’t charge you a fortune either. Basic servies are very inexpensive and actual publishing is free. Our writers know what I mean.