Mission Accomplished

The day before last Thanksgiving I posted that I would not be doing the normal weight gain over the holidays. The reason this was important is that at the beginning of last year I was up 20+ pounds from my average weight. At 6’2″ that didn’t show as much as it might have had I been shorter, but at my age I could certainly tell a difference in my energy and mobility. I determined to lose the extra pounds and at least stay within a selected 3 pound range. The weight was shed thanks to my wife’s going on the meal plan with me and preparing more healthy foods, as well as watching portions and exercise. Well, I used ‘will power’ enough to maintain during the past holiday period and am still within that range. We are again going on a regulated diet to try to drop a bit more and be healthy. Each of us only has one body and we need to take care of it.

So, my best to each one who reads this, and my hopes and wishes for a prosperous and HEALTHY 2014 to you all.