At least one scary drama will end well on Halloween

For the past few months I have been faced with two grossly different but equally scary situations. First my main computer hard drive crashed with some important files which had not been backed up. This proved to be a difficult recovery situation. Then I began having health issues, the origins of which also have been difficult to determine. In both cases original attempts proved futile.

After seeing three doctors, I am having my second procedure on Halloween to try to find out how to treat my tricky health problem.

The other issue, however, should be resolved that same day. The files were recovered through a nationally known, prominent recovery service, shipped out and scheduled to be delivered on Halloween. So, provided my health issues can be soon resolved I will be able to return to work on my third and final volume of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions and the needed changes in Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me‘s epic tome The Enigmatic Sinclairs, original volume!

In the meantime, my two associates, Michele Doucette, Editor in Chief of St. Clair Publications and Graphic Artist, Kent Hesselbein continue to do a splendid job of putting out great new books! More about that soon!

Kent Hesselbein – Brilliant author and artist

Infidel Cover

Sometimes we don’t do enough to express to the really gifted persons in our life how good they really are. Perhaps we have been warned too much about giving others ‘the big head.’ We have some very gifted authors at St. Clair Publications, but I felt it was time to relay my absolute fascination for the work of one of our own team–one who carries great weight when it comes to keeping our cogs in motion.

Kent Hesselbein works long hours as a creative artist. And his work is some of the best I have ever seen. He is also our webmaster. He designed and keeps functional our entire web site.

As if that were not enough, he is a most gifted writer. His first book, Good to the Finish, is a frank revelation of the sometimes grueling adventures of his family as he grew up, on the home mission field in the American South. To understand the significance of how hardships can mold a character and form a personality, reading this book is a must. It is available at our website at as well as Amazon and other online retailers around the world. You may also order a copy from any local bookstore, as it is distributed by Ingram Books.

His latest offering, however, is entirely different, showing just how versitile his skills really are! Infidel, Legends of the Men of Iron: Book One, is a moving page turner. The first in a series of sequals to Howard Pyle’s classic mideaval knight’s tale, Men of Iron, it is truly a work of genius. I can’t say enough about how this book flows with amazing dialogue and adventure. See for yourself by obtaining a copy today at or Amazon worldwide.

Our three most popular books on Kindle

Though there has been a slight delay on the launch of our eVolve Division on the StCP website, we do have one great book available there now, Good to the Finish! by Kent Hesselbein. It’s a wonderful read with lots of true drama.

And our three best-selling paperbacks are on Amazon Kindle, at reasonable prices awaiting your Christmas shopping downloads. Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot, by Ron Cunningham and yours truly, is only $6,95 on Kindle. My best-selling phrase book, On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms and Tammy Mentzer Brown’s best-selling true story of broken youth redeemed, A Teacher’s Prayer are each only $5.95. So head on over to Amazon and download yours today!


New opportunities for authors coming

Yesterday was a very busy day for me out of my office. A lot of the day was done working to build a community service club, then I met with three people in our organization, first with one, then with two more. I got home very late and didn’t get back to the office.

Just about 20 miles from here, in the area I was meeting our associates, one of the biggest outdoor annual music events in the country, Bonaroo, is in progress. This year they feature such groups as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beach Boys as well as a host of others. Then down the road a bit in Nashville, the CMA Music Fest is on with the Who’s Who of Country Music. Middle Tennessee draws around 200,000 outsiders to the area each June for these similtaneous happenings.

While this excitement is in progress we at St. Clair Publications are planning a little excitement of our own. Kent Hesselbein is working with best-selling local author, Tammy Mentzer Brown, on a pilot program for our offers to other authors. The results are scheduled to be up and running by mid-to-late July. They inviolve individual web site planning and hosting, e-book preperation and sales on the author’s site as well as our site, and trailors with vidoe clips from author talks and other highlights. I will post results here when the test program is up and running. Meantime, grab a steaming cup of java and good book each morning and follow our posts..

Kent Hesselbein’s great new book

Kent Hesselbein, an amazing graphic designer who does the St. Clair Publications site and our book covers, has a fascinating new book based on Howard Pyle’s classic novel, Men of Iron. His writing style keeps the reader glued to the pages, waiting for what comes next. If you like knights, intrigue, mystery, and exploring the dark spots in the history of the Catholic Church, this one is for you. It’s entitled, Infidel: Legends of the Men of Iron Book 1. Get it now at or on or other on-line booksellers.