Breaking into New Territory

I have just finished working up the royalty payments for St. Clair Publications authors for May 1st. It never ceases to amaze me the new territories that our books find themselves in. Besides thousands in the US, we have sold books in CanadaEngland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, India, and Australia. But on today’s pay to author Michelle Doucette, I found that one of her books had sold in Brazil! That’s because she authors books with wide range appeal.

In order for a book to sell to more than a small base, usually around the author’s home, it has to have a subject matter that attracts the masses. Something that reaches out from an attractive cover and makes the public want to buy it. And then it has to be promoted. Several of our authors have their own websites, blogs, etc. Several of them have been featured in newspapers, magazines, television shows and or radio programs. This doesn’t happen by accident.

Since opening our services up to burgeoning authors in 2009, I have offered several things to authors wanting to be published. One is low-cost author services including editing and a great cover by Kent Hesselbein, our professional graphic artist; another is online promotion through our site, Amazon, and availability to other sellers. But even better, I publish the work free of charge once it meets our quality standard. I think even better, I offer the best advice I know how to the authors as to how to market their work.

If you have something you feel deserves being in print, contact me at In the meantime, go on our website at and see the fine books available through St. Clair Publications!

Free Publishing of Your Book

This post is for any St. Clair Publications author, present or future. One of my authors recently contacted me about needed changes to her book in order to comply with a contributors personal request. She asked me to remove her book from until the changes are made and resubmitted. I have complied with that request.

At any needed time I can remove any author’s book or books on a temporary basis. This is just one of a number of free services that St. Clair Publications provides for our valued authors.

Here are a few items an author should consider in choosing a publisher.

We provide free publication of accepted books. Remember, we do have a right to refuse publication based on content.

We provide author services if needed at very low cost. These include: proof reading and or editing; preparation of the manuscript for publication to required specs, cover design and preparation to specs, and some promotions. NO OTHER POD Publisher to my knowledge offers these services to their authors as low as we do. I challenge you to find one and let me know. If this can be proven, we will match any advertised prize on these services as long as I remain as President and COO.

We also pay a royalty which is the highest percentage of profit of any publisher I have found.

Check out our website at and/or contact me at


Cash on the barrelhead

Most of the readers of my blog are not likely old enough to remember the popular song from days gone by, “That’ll be Cash on the Barrelhead, Son.”

On page 88 of 730 in my popular reference work, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, one may read the origin of the phrase, “Cash on the barrelhead.”

As I was preparing the Publication Agreement this morning for a gentleman who is coming by my office early in the morning to get us started on his autobiographical book, I thought about how we are able to keep our costs at a minimum and our royalty percentage at the highest of any publisher in the marketplace, to my knowledge. It’s the cash only policy. We don’t go into debt for anything. Every book which we order, every set up with the printer, everything we do, we pay “Cash on the barrelhead.” This means full payment for products or services at the time of receipt. So if you want the most reasonable author services, FREE PUBLICATION and the highest percentage of royalties to company profit, email  me personally about your upcoming book at .

Self Publish Your Book – Caring about the author

I recently got an email from an author wanting to get her book published. She had never published before and said that I would have to ‘hold her hand’ through the entire process. Well, that’s what we do. Figuratively, of course. We understand the uncertainties and anxiety which a new author experiences going down an unfamiliar road. But to myself and my associates, this is not a new road. We gently guide every new author along the path to publication. To us, you’re much more than a number or a way to make money. In fact, the actual publication of your book is free, and author services are likely the lowest in the industry when we are helping you to self publish your book. And you have a respected publisher and logo behind you. That’s because we don’t have to maintain huge revenues to survive, and our books are printed on demand.

So why not contact me at for full details on how we can get you published? Self publish your book within 30 days if it is ready to format. And if you have a complete Microsoft Word Doc and get someone else to a cover to our specs, it will cost you nothing to do the publication. Of course we do have all services, even promotions, available at budget prices.

Getting Published FREE

Getting published in the twenty-first century is not the major problem it was a few decades ago. The real issue now is the cost. With the advent of Print On Demand, commonly known as POD, the traditional publishing houses who seem to thumb up their noses at most aspiring authors who have not proven themselves, have had to step back and take notice. In many cases, book stores are closing. There is also a major trend toward e books (which we also put out).

When POD publishers first showed up, they started socking it to new authors, many of whom were still left out in the cold because of thier inability to pay the prices they demanded. And their services were even more exhorbitant than the price of getting the books out.

St. Clair Publications was founded with the author in mind, utilizing a small staff of extremely capable folks, most of whom were struggling authors themselves, and who cared deeply for the authors who are on the outside looking in.

We even have a program for getting published FREE for those not needing any author services. And for those who do require a bit of help, I challenge any other POD publisher to dare to compete with our prices.

So if you want to get a quality work published, simply contact me via email at . I double-dog dare you!