At least one scary drama will end well on Halloween

For the past few months I have been faced with two grossly different but equally scary situations. First my main computer hard drive crashed with some important files which had not been backed up. This proved to be a difficult recovery situation. Then I began having health issues, the origins of which also have been difficult to determine. In both cases original attempts proved futile.

After seeing three doctors, I am having my second procedure on Halloween to try to find out how to treat my tricky health problem.

The other issue, however, should be resolved that same day. The files were recovered through a nationally known, prominent recovery service, shipped out and scheduled to be delivered on Halloween. So, provided my health issues can be soon resolved I will be able to return to work on my third and final volume of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions and the needed changes in Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me‘s epic tome The Enigmatic Sinclairs, original volume!

In the meantime, my two associates, Michele Doucette, Editor in Chief of St. Clair Publications and Graphic Artist, Kent Hesselbein continue to do a splendid job of putting out great new books! More about that soon!

Congratulations to Michele Doucette!

As mentioned earlier, big changes are happening at St Clair Publications! In addition to new titles being added and 100 new ISBNs being ordered, Michele Doucette has been appointed as Content Manager and Editor in Chief! 

Michele holds a Master’s Degree in Literacy Education from Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). A native of Truro, Nova Scotia (referred to as Cobequid during the time of the Acadian people), she has been living on the west coast of Newfoundland since 1985, and is in process of returning home to Nova Scotia. Previously employed as a Special Education teacher, she feels blessed to have worked with such Mighty Spirits. She is the author of a large variety of books, primarily related to mind, body and spirit, available from St. Clair Publications, Amazon and other retailers. Congrats to Michele on being appointed to this important position!

Michele Doucette

Self-Publishing Your Book

The following was just posted on Michele Doucette’s blog, The Enlightened Scribe. It is indicative of the services and care given by our highly-competent team at St. Clair Publications.

In this day and age, self-publication with a POD (Print on Demand) affiliated company is the best way to go. There are no outlandish costs and there is no overhead.

The best decision I could ever have made, in this regard, was to sign on with Stanley J. St. Clair of St. Clair Publications in Tennessee.

St.Clair Publications was founded with the desire to help lesser known authors. With them, I am part of an ever-growing family.

Stan’s international associations and prominence in many literary and research organizations has allowed St.Clair Publications to offer a great opportunity to many, yet undiscovered, talents.

St.Clair Publications is associated and distributed through Ingram Books, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor Books, Amazon and many others.

I still consider it a privilege to have been the first published author with this company, their motto being … small enough to listen to the author, large enough to reach the world.

To date, I have published 2 books related to crystals, 3 historical (metaphysical) novels, 11 spiritual (metaphysical, inspirational) volumes and a single paternal genealogy tome, with two maternal genealogy volumes to follow suit.

All are available through Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble; at least, these are the online venues that I am familiar with.

Stan believes that a room without books is like a body without a soul.

Knowing how to read well before I went to school, I can say that I, too, feel the same. Even in this day and age of e-books, I would be lost without my hard copy for easy, and immediate, access.

Kent Hesselbein is a most gifted graphic design artist of over 25 years. We are honored to have him as part of the team.

As a new author of primarily spiritual, metaphysical, inspirational and visionary work, I want a cover design that is impressive, striking, riveting; one that immediatedly draws and engages the reader-to-be.

With meticulous attention to detail applied to every project, and impressive email communication between individuals, Kent is able to deliver; this is a man completely dedicated to his craft.

As I continue to write and publish, so, too, shall we continue to forge ahead together.




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Michele Doucette books now on Kindle

This Christmas, the number two most popular gift was tha Kindle Fire.  Spiritual author and novelist, Michele Doucette, has just included four of her insightful works in those avaliable on Amazon Kindle. Some have wonderful color illustrations which will show up brilliantly if you own a Fire.

Her current Kindle e books are her first novel, A Travel in Time to Grand Pre; The Ultimate Enlightenment for 2012: All We Need is Ourselves; Turn off the TV:  Turn on Your Mind, and Veracity at its Best. Michele’s e books start at only $2.99, and are sure to keep your interest. Send a copy of one of these inspiring titles to your Kindle today and find out why she is so popular among young aspiring adults.



Michele Doucette’s unique spiritual books

Michele Doucette is a constant source of inspiration for those who read her work. Her latest books include The Cosmos of the Soul: A Spiritual Biography and Getting Out of Our Own Way: Love Is the Only Answer. They are both available on our site at and on, as well as directly from her at . Order one today!