You never miss your water till the well runs dry

Last Wednesday night it was raining lightly at the St. Clair home. OurĀ  Russian Blue Kitty, Fonzie, had been attempting to play roughly with our older feline, Shia. When this happens, our little doggy, Brody, defends Shia. That evening it wasn’t fazing Fonzie, and we scolded him harshly and drove him off. Fonzie must have felt that ‘the odds were stacked against him’ having any fun. At about 10:00 PM I opened the front door to see if it was still raining, and Fonzie ‘made a beeline’ for the great unknow. It being pitch dark and gloomy. I was unable to see him, and shut the door. Once before he had gone out at night and was waiting on our back stoop the next morning.

Well, morning dawned and no Fonzie. We searched everywhere to no avail over the next two days. I even printed out posters and took them to neighbors. Then, ‘lo and behold,’ Yesterday morning Rhonda heard a meow at our front door–the one at which he had made his getaway. She opened it and Fonzie came dashing in, looking gant and seeming to proclaim sorrow for his transgression.

Since then it seemed that his personality had done a 180. He has not attacked Shiah anymore. He has not tried to dash out. Before that he seemed to be looking for trouble behind every door. He has somehow seemed to realize how good he has it with us as his guardians. I guess even with cats, the old adage ‘rings true,’ “You don’t miss your water till the well runs dry.” This expression has been with us from the seventeenth century and was first recorded in Scotland, the land of my direct male ancestry.

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