Time to honor your mother?

Tomorrow it is once again Mother’s Day. Time flies by so swiftly that it seems only yesterday when it was last the day set aside to show our deep gratitude to the ladies who brought us into the world, or in many cases, the one who gave our life meaning and purpose, even if the connection was not the umbilical chord.

Whoever that special person is for you, if she is yet in this life, please reach out and let her know that she is appreciated. But when is really the time to honor your mother? It seems to me that that is every day of your life. Not just that you reach out to her, but in the way you present yourself to others, in your dealings and day-to-day activities you should remember the principles your mother taught you and all of the little sayings she had which may have embarrassed you at the time, but later made you proud to be called her son or daughter.

The following is a short poem in the ‘Just for fun‘ section of my poetry book, Reflections on Life, reminiscent of my childhood. Unlike some other verses of mine, this one is simple and rhyming:

King Me

“A penny for my thoughts, my son,”

My mother says to me,

While wrapped up in the cares of life

and all its malady.

“My thoughts are worthless, Mother Dear,”

I tell her with a smirk;

Yet deep inside,

My feelings hide,

My plans are hard at work.

I’ll build a castle with a mote’

and servants all about;

I’ll snap my fingers and my problems,

Quickly they’ll work out.

I’ll mount a steed with lightening speed,

My ducks all in a row.

I’ll be the king of everything

and everyone will know.