The New Year Brings Change

2016 is rushing by as swiftly as a gelid brook flowing down a majestic mountainside. I just completed tabulating authors’ royalty earnings for 2015 and am proud to say that our authors earned thousands of dollars in royalties over the past year. I believe in passing on the majority of the profit on each author’s work to him or her. As would be expected, those who promoted their fine work via their own websites and/or book signings, personal appearances, etc. and in most cases, those who offered their books in both paperback and Kindle e-book forms, benefited most. I want to say ‘thank you’ to each of them and to those who purchased our work.

In the meantime, I, like others of our group, am working feverishly on my upcoming work, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, Volume II. I have been so pleased with the success of the volume out there, still selling regularly, and with the people who have enjoyed it so much as to publish reviews on Amazon and those who have contacted me personally with additional expressions which they would like to see in the new one. It will be a great companion to the original book, and will work hand-in-hand with it to provide an even greater trove of information for everyone who speaks the English language and is curious as to the origins of our figures of speech. I am continuing to find errors in other works which I am doing my best to bring out in this exciting new book. Hopefully, it will be ready for release in the fall of 2016.


Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches in top .6 of 1% on Amazon

Yesterday I checked to see how overall sales were coming on Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions. I was really delighted to find that in overall sales it ranks in the top six tenths of one percent of all Amazon paperback sales. It’s no wonder that they are ordering in bulk to keep up with demand.

I am working very hard to get out five new book editions, from myself and others. Unfortunately all of them  will not make it before the Christmas rush has ended.

I am in the process of getting the comprehensive index done for the first volume of Exploring Our Exciting World. This one alone will be over 550 pages. The series will take several years to complete, but it will be well worth the wait. The special contributors who are helping me with future volumes are to be commended for their work and their patience.

In the meantime, visit our website at And thank you all for a wonderful 2014! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

New poem not spooky enough for Halloween

My latest poetical composition does mention the creepy day coming up, but is not intended to scare. I hope you enjoy it!


Halloween approaches fast.

Sir Autumn has donned

His dazzling kilt—

His yellow mustache

Waves from the willow.

His balding cranium

Relinquishes its deadened tresses.

Soon a pallid blanket

Will envelop all that endures.

Fluffy clouds of mutation

Drift through the boughs.

While one is departing,

Another arrives.

Life and seasons

Nourish change.


For more of this kind of mild verse, get my upcoming book, I Walked My Dog This Morning. In the meantime, visit us at .

Kidding ourselves

A lot of the time we want to believe something just because it sounds logical or someone else told us. Perhaps a little bit of gossip. If it’s something that rubs our fur the right way, it’s easier to believe it than check it out.

The Internet is full of information: some true, some false. All sorts of books are published to help convence people of things that the author believes in. That’s why when I do research I dig deeper that the surface to make certain that I’m not just kidding myself into believing something because it sounded good.

In digging into the origins of phrases, something I have been dedicated to for the past two years for my books On the Origins Of the Cliches, both the original and Book II, and now for the compreshenive phrase origin editon which is due out fall of 2013, I have endevored not to kid myself. Many times I find that information posted on line, and even in other major dictionaries is incorrect. I want the 2013 book to be the most indepth and accurate one ever published in the English language. Look for it next year, and in the meantime, enjoy your own copy of my two cliche origin books, which are humerous and informative, bursting many common myths. They are also available on Amazon Kindle.

Planning a new book

As I mentioned earlier, along with the other projects I have going, I am putting together an exciting new novel titled, All That Glitters. It is so different and so moving to me as an author, that working on it gives me great pleasure. I anticipate the final result.

When planning a new novel, in particular, the first thing an author should do is to sit down and write a synopsis of the story line or plot. If this isn’t interesting, there is no use writing it. The author should determine the audience and who would have an interest in the story. Then, develop in his or her mind the characters and how the fit into the whole plot. Next is to develop a first line that sucks a reader in and gets his or her attention from the first word. Each paragraph is important–there should be no place which loses the attention of the reader. Each chapter should end on a high note which makes the reader want to go on, or to return soon. And the story must flow well.

Good writing, authors! And look for this book before the holidays at the end of the year!




All That Glitters

After a marvelous day yesterday at the park, and a great time of relaxation here, tomorrow we will be heading back to the world of reality. But not before inspiration hit me. This morning lying awake before arizing, a story line came to me for a book which will be enjoyed by teens to adults, and which may change their destiny if applied. Just thinking about it gave me goosebumps. I have already done an outline and am beginning to develop the story.

Here’s a little preview, but I won’t give away the surprises…you’ll have to read the book when it comes out; and that will be some time yet. This is a tale of a Jewish American boy who goes back to the town where he was born for his bar mitzvah. His grandfather is deathly ill, and feels compelled to tell him a story about what happened to him beginning on his 13th birthday which changed the rest of his life. Compelling drama, right to the end. My working title is ‘All That Glitters.’

My next entry will be done from home. In the meantime, good reading.