The serenity prayer – Living at peace

In my 2006 book entitled “Prayers of Prophets, Knights and Kings,” I included versions of the mysterious “Serenity Prayer.” The longest version is attributed to American theologian, Reinhhold Neibuhr, said to have been written about 1926. The basic prayer, however, is much older. In 1957 it was printed in the Methodist Devotional, The Upper Room with the title, A Soldier’s Prayer from the 14th Century. It was reprinted from an out-of print book by Fredrick Ward Yates named, Between Dawn and Dark. Here is that version:

“Almighty God, our heavenly father, give us serenity to accept what cannot be changed, courage to change what should be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other.”

Regardless of what version you may have heard or read, the message is the same: There are some things over which we have no control . Those things must be accepted so that we can move on with our lives. Some things we have the ability to change for the better. Those are the only things with which we should concern ourselves.

The news on the television, radio, Internet, and in the newspapers, is constantly negative, and dwelling on those things is a waste of time unless we have it in our power to make a difference. When this is the case, some have stood apart from the pack and dared to be different. I applaud those precious people!

So if you have the ability to right a wrong, God bless you. Do it.

Otherwise, choose to live at peace with yourself and those about you, and only involve yourself in making your life and that of those in your care the best it can be. Spread good tidings and joy.

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Famous people are still just people

In my lifetime I have been very fortunate to meet and have conversations with numerous persons whom most may see as important: sports stars, well-known authors, of course, entertainers of note, a war hero, a television host, etc. A good number of polititions are included here. Governors, a ‘Speaker of the House’ in another country, British nobles, US Senators, Lt. Governors and State Officials. Even one future US President. But you know what? They are all just people, like you and I. And many of them never achieve peace of mind. 

We live in a world where too much emphasis is placed on social statis. But inner peace is much more important than how many people know our name. I would rather help one person to achieve peace and reach his or her goals that to be a household name.

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