I was never more honored…

Yesterday morning I walked in and sat down at a table. On it lay an envelope with my name on the front. I had no idea who placed it there, but opened it to see if it contained a clue. First I pulled out a letter from an elementary school at which I had been one of several guests at their career day activities. The letter was, as I expected, thanking me for my speaking to the students. But what I wasn’t expecting was what else was in there. I pulled out one after another index card and a sheet of construction paper which had been crafted into a handmade thank you card. The notes on those cards touched me and made me feel wonderful inside. Most of them spoke of how I had made them feel positive about themselves and at least three told me that as a result of my visit they had decided to become writers.

No one can touch us like our children. Make a difference in the life of a child and you can make our future better. I truly hope that I was able to do just that. I still don’t know who delivered the envelope.

Coach Allison Clark: A positive roll model in sports

In a day when the NFL is taking a licking over abuse charges, it has been truly refreshing to work with Allison Clark, a woman’s basketball coach with Tennessee Tech University. Reading, editing and publishing her first book, Off the Back of the Rim, available at http://stclairpublications and www.amazon.com has been a great pleasure.

Her book is flying off of Amazon at an alarming rate every day. There is a great page on Tennessee Tech’s web site, so no wonder.


Get a copy for yourself and see what the buzz is all about! It is truly worth the read.


Making time productive

I had a very enjoyable several days away; though it was jam-packed with activity, it was most productive. Friday, Saturday and the first half of Sunday were filled with making new friends and renewing old friendship. Not to mention, drinking in and taking note of activities which I needed to practice in order to make the following eighteen months of service to my fellow man more useful.

Then I traveled farther north to meet with my dear friend, Lee Pennigton, and his fiance, Jill, for a festive evening out and then to the University for Lee’s poetry reading on Monday. Last evening I drove home.

My point here is that by organizing our time we can all get much more accomplished. Sure, ’all work and no play made Jack a dull boy,’ but no one wants to be dull, so we need to take time for relaxation, too. 

One factor in the seminar I attended over the weekend was that success is not achieved by merely hoping it will come. My mother, who was a dedicated Christian, used to say, “Sometimes you have to put legs under your prayers.”

And if your dreams include publishing your own book some day, contact me at stan@stclair.net .


A Sense of Accomplishment

At the end of each day I mentally review the events of that day from a personal prospective and ask myself what I have accomplished that day. Have I done anything which will positively impact the lives of anyone else? Have I accomplished anything which will have a lasting effect for good? If the answer is ‘no,’ then I want to try to do something positive before retiring.

Not every day in my life or the lives of any single person are what we would wish they could be. Not every action I have taken is one that I now am proud of. Some days are filled with circumstances which we wish would never have arisen, but which we could not avoid. But how we react to those negative happenings determines whether or not we can look back on that day with pride or regret.

Remembering that I alone have control over my actions and destiny helps me to make more wise decisions rather than foolish ones and enables me to accomplish more with my time and talents. We all have the same number of hours in a day, and what we do with them are up to us. I trust that today will be a good day for everyone who stops long enough to read these words. Vaya con Dios.