And the Winner Is:

Last night millions of Americans were glued to their TV screens watching NBC’s The Voice Finale. The four finalists stood in a row on the stage with solemn looks on their faces, even their arms around one another at times.

It came down to the last two: Matt McAndrew from Team Adam and Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake. Carson Daly spoke, “And the winner of the Voice is…” the pause must have lasted at least an hour in the minds of those two artists. “CRAIG WAYNE BOYD!”

I was happy. I felt that those two were the better choices to win, But all of them, Damien, Chris Jamison, Matt and Craig, are stars, and should go on to great careers in the music world. In fact, many of the final 20 should have fruitful careers, not just these four.

TV talent shows have propelled the success of so many young people, even those who did not take the trophy or win the million dollars, or sometimes more.

In order for a person’s talent to have a showplace they must be POSITIVE, PERSISTENT, and PROMOTED. I have had two persons talk to me this week about others that have a dream of seeing their work in print. I can’t help with singers, but I can with writers.

Just remember, all of these attributes must exist in order to .be a success. If you think you have them, contact me at

Raising the Bar

As I had done the last time, my eyes were glued to the Discovery Channel production of Nik Wallenda on Sunday evening as he broke two more world record by walking across a tight wire high above Chicago, first climbing up a 19 degree slope, then blindfolded over a shorter distance between two other skyscrapers. Something in me cringes, feeling he goes too far, but something else can’t help but admire him for his nerves of steel and determination to be the best of the best.

Being the best at what I do has always been one of my goals. As an insurance agent I once led sales with two companies simultaneously. Then I always worked both smart and hard to win trips around the globe that the companies for which I was contracted, either as an agent or manager would pay for. I was constantly the leading regional manager in my field with my last full-time company.

As both an author and a publisher, I try to raise the bar and promote excellence. I am always thrilled when one of my books sells its first 1,000 copies. I am always proud when one of my authors does well and sells out at book signings or goes far beyond “average” in online sales. These things continue to happen because I am not satisfied to be average.

Our authors are important to me at St. Clair Publications. If you are an author, join our growing team. We will help you raise the bar.


Famous people are still just people

In my lifetime I have been very fortunate to meet and have conversations with numerous persons whom most may see as important: sports stars, well-known authors, of course, entertainers of note, a war hero, a television host, etc. A good number of polititions are included here. Governors, a ‘Speaker of the House’ in another country, British nobles, US Senators, Lt. Governors and State Officials. Even one future US President. But you know what? They are all just people, like you and I. And many of them never achieve peace of mind. 

We live in a world where too much emphasis is placed on social statis. But inner peace is much more important than how many people know our name. I would rather help one person to achieve peace and reach his or her goals that to be a household name.

I formed St. Clair Publications to do just that. We help people all the time to reach out to their world and beyond with the power of the printed word. Our books express something unique to their authors–the depth of their emotions and their desire to also reach others. They are marketed around the globe. If you are a reader, you can do yourself a favor by checking out our books at, and on Amazon and Kindle. If you are a writer you may contact me directly at to get started on your journey of achieving personal satisfaction and the peace of mind that comes with reaching out to the world with your very own story. And we don’t charge you a fortune either. Basic servies are very inexpensive and actual publishing is free. Our writers know what I mean.

Self-Publishing Your Book

The following was just posted on Michele Doucette’s blog, The Enlightened Scribe. It is indicative of the services and care given by our highly-competent team at St. Clair Publications.

In this day and age, self-publication with a POD (Print on Demand) affiliated company is the best way to go. There are no outlandish costs and there is no overhead.

The best decision I could ever have made, in this regard, was to sign on with Stanley J. St. Clair of St. Clair Publications in Tennessee.

St.Clair Publications was founded with the desire to help lesser known authors. With them, I am part of an ever-growing family.

Stan’s international associations and prominence in many literary and research organizations has allowed St.Clair Publications to offer a great opportunity to many, yet undiscovered, talents.

St.Clair Publications is associated and distributed through Ingram Books, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor Books, Amazon and many others.

I still consider it a privilege to have been the first published author with this company, their motto being … small enough to listen to the author, large enough to reach the world.

To date, I have published 2 books related to crystals, 3 historical (metaphysical) novels, 11 spiritual (metaphysical, inspirational) volumes and a single paternal genealogy tome, with two maternal genealogy volumes to follow suit.

All are available through Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble; at least, these are the online venues that I am familiar with.

Stan believes that a room without books is like a body without a soul.

Knowing how to read well before I went to school, I can say that I, too, feel the same. Even in this day and age of e-books, I would be lost without my hard copy for easy, and immediate, access.

Kent Hesselbein is a most gifted graphic design artist of over 25 years. We are honored to have him as part of the team.

As a new author of primarily spiritual, metaphysical, inspirational and visionary work, I want a cover design that is impressive, striking, riveting; one that immediatedly draws and engages the reader-to-be.

With meticulous attention to detail applied to every project, and impressive email communication between individuals, Kent is able to deliver; this is a man completely dedicated to his craft.

As I continue to write and publish, so, too, shall we continue to forge ahead together.




STAN ST. CLAIR (Pinterest)




Book Promotion Ideas

I’ve often told new and aspiring authors that just writing a book doesn’t insure its success. No book sells unless it’s promoted. Several of my authors have done just that and been highly successful.

One important book promotion idea is to have someone with like interests who has pull among those most likely to purchase your book do a review, either online, or in a printed publication. Katy Ishee is the author of Pieces of My Heart, a heart-rending true story of a young girl who got pregnant as a teen, then was not only forced to give up her baby, but given electrical shock treatments in an attempt to erase all memory of him. After that, she spent many years of wandering about the country, joining motorcycle groups, and searching relentlessly for her child until she found him. A number of celebrities and writers have endorsed the book. Recently, Toker, a member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club did a great story on her found at this site She has also been on television and has traveled around the country doing signings to promote her book.

Another of our authors, Tammy Mentzer Brown, tells her story with great emotion in A Teacher’s Prayer.  Though a vastly different type of writing, there are the common threads of childhood abuse and recovery. Her book has been so successful that she is traveling doing seminars at womens’ groups, churches, and even schools. She was recently on Fox TV in Birmingham, Alabama. That interview may be viewed at

For more ideas to promote your book can begin by visiting our site at and emailing me at

Writing a book

As both an author and a publisher for a number of years now, I’ve had a lot of people contact me about writing a book. Most of them feel like they have something to say that they want to tell the world. This is a noble goal, and because a lot of folks have it on their bucket list, it’s paramount to have somewhere to turn for guidance in the process who has the knowledge of not only where to begin, but how to put all the parts together and make the venture all it can be from writing the first line to marketing it.

Writing a book can be a frustrating experience, and one which can confuse even the most proficient writer. Then there is the sticky matter of getting it published. Traditional publishers turn down thousands of good manuscripts each day. Back when I wrote my first book, I was actually getting my manuscript read. Today, even that is highly unlikely unless you get professional guidance and choose a publisher who can get and keep you on the right track. But even more alarming is how much many ‘self-publishing’ firms charge for basic services.

All of these are reasons that if you want to write a book, or if you already have done so, St. Clair Publications is the ideal place to turn. Email me at for information…that’s free!

Thanks for the views – and your business

St. Clair Publications is taking off. We have only had our new web site up and running for just over 1 year (we had another one before that, of course) and already the new one has had 27,775 hits. Every day a lot of folks take a look at our bright young company. Our business is growing and we have sold thousands of paperbacks, and many, many e-books, primarily on Kindle.

Within the past few days more authors than ever have contacted me personally about publication of their books. We have 12 new titles at some stage of writing or preparation for publication with new authors contacting me all the time. At a time when our economy has been at a near-standstill for four years, and when other publishers have folded or closed book stores, this makes me know that we are doing something right, First, we are the least expensive source I know about for a new author to get their work in print. Then we have top-quality books which people want to read. Some of our authors have been on TV, in magazines and newspapers with their books. Some have even received positive feedback from celebrities. And for anyone not wanting a hard copy, we can go straight to e-book format. We are POD (print on demand) so no large stockpile of books is required. In addition, for those desiring reprints of books, hard cover or paperback, within our guidelines, of course, we are your source.

Check out our web site and you’ll understand what we can do for you. It is or you may contact me directly at .

“Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.”

A poet and don’t know it

I am wrapping up phase one of my final phrase origin book. The original, On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms, continues to sell daily on Amazon both in America and also a number in the U.K. On the Origin of the Cliches, All New, Book II is also selling well.

The effort of the new book continues to consume much of my time. But the result is definitely worth it. I am now doing corrective formatting to agree with my new, larger page, smaller text version. It will approach 800 pages and is intended to be a trend-setter and standard-bearer for future books of its type. It will contain the phrases in my earlier books and many hundreds more. After this stage I shall begin first proofing, then two of my associates will also go over it carefully before I begin the final editing and proofing for publication, hopefully in late spring, 2013.

One of the entries is “Poet and don’t know it.” If you’ve ever made a rhyme without trying you may have had someone rattle off these witty words to you. Here is my entry for that phrase:

Poet and don’t know it

This sordonic statement is invoked when someone has apparently made an unintentional rhyme. It has been around in varying forms since the late-nineteenth century. The earliest known citation is from Niagara University’s (New York) Niagara Index, page 27, 1 October 1895:

“The author of that German poem, placed under our door must come to our office and identify himself with no less than three witnesses before we will pass judgement on its merits for publication.

“’We have a poet and don’t know it. If he had whiskers he’d be a go at.’”

The fact that the entire expression was in quotes leads to the opinion that it was already in use. Then in 1926 the following variation, which became more popular, appeared in Volume 20 of the Washington, DC, literary journal, Gargoyle Magazine as a part of a ‘Pat and Mike’ joke:

Pat: “You’re a poet and don’t know it, your feet show it; they’re Long- fellows.”

At St. Clair Publications we actually publish poets–the kind that KNOW IT and want to be read. Recently a friend made it known that she had a book of poetical prayers that she wanted to someday publish. We will be the ones with the honor of putting out her book.

If you have some poems that you believe are worthy of appearing in print, let me know and I will be happy to discuss it with you. I do have the option of accepting or rejecting anything, of course. We have guidelines and standards. Here’s wishing our readers a very merry holiday season.


New releases

Every month we are releasing about three new titles. Sometimes more, perhaps some months, less. It is so exciting to participate in the birthing process.

One of our ongoing projects is classic literature. More than one book is being formatted and prepared at a time, and progress depends upon being able to work them in with new titles. Before the first of September we will be releasing both The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the timeless classic by Mark Twain based upon his life growing up on the banks of the Mississippi, and A Man for the Ages, Irving Bacheller’s enduring best-seller about the life of our beloved 17th American President, Abraham Lincoln.

Add to this a beautiful 8.5 X 11 full color children’s book, Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney, by noted British faerie artist, Hazel Brown, based on the brave voyage made to the New World almost 100 years before Columbus, and you have a trio headed for success.

When new authors come to St. Clair Publications they receive one-on-one personal attention,  true value unbeatable in today’s publishing market, and worldwide distribution. Our motto is Small enough to listen to the author, large enough to reach the world.

Authors royalties

This morning was expended with accounting and paying royalties to those authors who have been successful in marketing their work. The turn of the month is a joy for me because I am able to return a large portion of the profits from sales of the books to those who deserve them–the authors. Being able to write well is a gift–one which our authors share with the world. I enjoy being able to help authors, both those who have been previously published and a good number who haven’t, but show great skill, to prepare their work for publication and get it out to the public at the most reasonable cost available. 

Our motto at St. Clair Publications is “Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.” Our books, both paperbacks and e-books, are available worldwide. Promotional opportunities are available, simply because “No book sells itself.” Most successful authors set up book signings at libraries, museums, book stores and other outlets. A number of them have been on radio and TV promoting their work, and in newspapers and magazines. If you are a writer and interested in the opportunity to write and promote your own book. please contact me at, or .