Our international market

It never ceases to amaze me at the world market we reach with our books. By industry standards, we are small and new. We’ve only been offering works of other authors since 2008. But our set up and arrangements help us reach the greater world markets. A great majority of our books are sold online via Amazon and other book-sellers, so these we are unable to trace. But through personal connections and our own web site we have sent out copies of St. Clair Publications titles to 30 states, the District of Columbia, seven Canadian Provinces, two Australian provences, England, Scotland, Iceland, Sweden, Portugal. Equador, Dubia, New Zealand, and now Mauritius. That one stumped me. I found that this is a small island country some 540 miles east of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa. And our books are offered on sites in several continents in continental Europe, Japan and India. I am proud of the legacy which we are able to create.

“Small enough to listen to the author, big enough to reach the world.”

Authors royalties

This morning was expended with accounting and paying royalties to those authors who have been successful in marketing their work. The turn of the month is a joy for me because I am able to return a large portion of the profits from sales of the books to those who deserve them–the authors. Being able to write well is a gift–one which our authors share with the world. I enjoy being able to help authors, both those who have been previously published and a good number who haven’t, but show great skill, to prepare their work for publication and get it out to the public at the most reasonable cost available. 

Our motto at St. Clair Publications is “Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.” Our books, both paperbacks and e-books, are available worldwide. Promotional opportunities are available, simply because “No book sells itself.” Most successful authors set up book signings at libraries, museums, book stores and other outlets. A number of them have been on radio and TV promoting their work, and in newspapers and magazines. If you are a writer and interested in the opportunity to write and promote your own book. please contact me at stan.stclair@stclairpublications.com, or stan@stclair.net .