Being Thankful; Using Our Talents

With all of the horrible tragedies happening in America and around the world, it makes me thankful for the many great privileges most of us still have. I have a comfortable home, cars to drive, plenty of food to eat, a wonderful family, reasonably good health, and friends that care what happens to me. I even have many books to read and the ability to read and write.  These things are some of the basics .I have been able to travel and visit some amazing places, in about 44 states and ten foreign countries. I have also been blessed with a measure talent, as have all.

It is how we use our talents and abilities which give us satisfaction and peace of mind. I have learned to work by priorities, and review each day at its close to assess the accomplishments of that day, and meditate on the peace which I feel from it.

I created St. Clair Publications after a long and satisfying career in insurance sales and management during which I was able to help others reach levels of success, and thousands of people to prepare for the inevitable through life insurance and other protection plans. Through writing and publishing my books and those of others I have also helped thousands of other people. Those who read the books which improved their lives, and gave to many knowledge and self improvement, and also to our authors who have achieved the peace of mind of knowing that an item on their ‘bucket list’ was marked of, and the knowledge that their dreams helped to give them fulfillment and was enjoyable to others. If you haven’t yet done so, whether you are an aspiring author of an avid reader, check out We are big enough to reach the world, but small enough to care for each person. 

That Magic Moment

Yesterday NY Giant Odell Beckham made what is being heralded by many as the “Best Catch Ever,” falling into the end zone for a touchdown which was nothing less than unbelievable! Unfortunately for him, the Giants were still defeated by the Dallas Cowboys.

Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard we try, something knocks us back after a major victory. But that’s life. I’ve learned to savor the magic moments, and not worry about things I can’t change.

Here’s hoping that in this wonderful season of giving thanks we all learn to remember that there are magic moments in each of our lives worth savoring.

At St. Clair Publications we have lots of wonderful books. Reading can make us relax. Reading can help us learn and grow. Why not check out our great books at and if you don’t get it there, they are available on Amazon all over the world. Have a great Thanksgiving and be thankful for the magic moments in your life.

If you got snowed in at a mountain cabin…

This morning I watched Jeopardy, and one of the questions was “If you got snowed in at a mountain cabin, name something you’d hope you had with you.” At this time of year we aren’t thinking much about snow, but for the past two weeks, I’ve almost felt like I was snowed in because I have been very sick and didn’t feel like doing a whole lot. I’m improving every day, now.

The reason this question stuck with me, however, is that when 100 people were surveyed, the number 4 most popular answer was “a book.”

In spite of all of the electronic devises, people still enjoy curling up with a good book. At St. Clair Publications we still believe this and are constantly publishing high-quality books which are of interest to all ages. We have several classics which have stood the tests of time. We have a growing selection of children’s books for all age children from toddlers to teens. And we have a lot of adult books as well. Check out our great authors at, google us or even do a search on Amazon. You might be really surprised by what you discover.

Summer solstice

Today is the longest day of 2012–a year proclaimed by many to be a global game-changer. In olden days ancient tribes would meet on both winter and summer solstice for religious ceremonies. The summer solstice was to celebrate the positive energies associated with the blossoming of spring into summer. Some today still participate in these celebrations.

Regardless of this, summer brings hot temperatures and vacations in which we can enjoy the beauty of nature. When you have opportunity, drink in the values that reading a great book or e-book can bring this summer. St. Clair Publications is about to crank up a new program by which we will have available a number of e-books which may be enjoyed on a variety of electronic devices at one reasonable cost. More on this later. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer!