Finding your niche

Breaking into the wonderful field of publishing one’s own book or books is a regal adventure. It takes resolve, determination and ‘sticking to one’s guns.’ (Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, page 522) But even the ‘best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ (ibid, page 54)

For me, my writing niche was phrase origins–and that didn’t ‘fall into place’ on its own (ibid, page 174) Now, every day somewhere in the world someone is going online to purchase a Cliche origin book which I have written.

In 1999 I self published my first research work, a history of my maternal ancestry called A Proud Heritage, the James Ansel Vinson Family Story. It was done as a labor of love for my family.

But my need to express myself through the printed word went back much further. Even as a high school freshman I was penning poetry and within three years writing songs.

Over the next decades I longed to see my work in print. I have experimented in various genres, but finally found my niche in 2011 with the publication of On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms, a comical take off on Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species. During the Christmas season I got as high as number one in this genre in sales and leveled at number three.

After a second somewhat less popular volume in 2012, I decided to ‘go for broke’ (Most Comprehensive Origins…page 210) and produce a major volume of figurative phrase origins which would supersede previous efforts by major publishers. All together, I have spent the better part of three years doing the research and the final effort was worth it. It is 710 pages in a 6X9 inch volume in wide margin, small print format, and contains 90 pages of bibliography in size 9 font.

The point being that sometimes we must work diligently to accomplish our dream. Now I help others find their niche and work with them to make their work shine. Author services are very reasonable, and publishing in PDF is free. Contact me at and see the site at . St. Clair Publications, “Small Enough to Care about the Author, Big Enough to Reach the World.”

Famous people are still just people

In my lifetime I have been very fortunate to meet and have conversations with numerous persons whom most may see as important: sports stars, well-known authors, of course, entertainers of note, a war hero, a television host, etc. A good number of polititions are included here. Governors, a ‘Speaker of the House’ in another country, British nobles, US Senators, Lt. Governors and State Officials. Even one future US President. But you know what? They are all just people, like you and I. And many of them never achieve peace of mind. 

We live in a world where too much emphasis is placed on social statis. But inner peace is much more important than how many people know our name. I would rather help one person to achieve peace and reach his or her goals that to be a household name.

I formed St. Clair Publications to do just that. We help people all the time to reach out to their world and beyond with the power of the printed word. Our books express something unique to their authors–the depth of their emotions and their desire to also reach others. They are marketed around the globe. If you are a reader, you can do yourself a favor by checking out our books at, and on Amazon and Kindle. If you are a writer you may contact me directly at to get started on your journey of achieving personal satisfaction and the peace of mind that comes with reaching out to the world with your very own story. And we don’t charge you a fortune either. Basic servies are very inexpensive and actual publishing is free. Our writers know what I mean.