I want to give you a present for my birthday!

I thought this would get a bit of attention. I’ve been very busy for the past just over a week, jotting about the map. I’ve ridden and/or driven nearly 2,000 miles and visited family, done research and attended a convention. I’d like to settle down to some rest, but that will be a problem still, since I have a club meeting tonight, have to meet with an author in another town in the morning, then have a three day club fundraising project. They say there is ‘no rest for either the weary or the wicked.’ I hope I fit the former, as I am truly weary at this time.

But my birthday is coming up this Saturday and Rhonda has promised to take me out to dinner. I’m really looking forward to that!

This year my birthday comes on the day of the week on which I was actually born–something which has not happened in years. I decided to offer an incentive to any of my friends and readers who will order one of my personal paperback books off of the St. Clair Publications website at http://stclairpublications.com by my birthday, this Saturday, August 17. ┬áThese run from $9.00 to $27.95 retail. During my birthday week only, anyone who orders any of these books will receive a 20% rebate on the retail price. It will be paid either by PayPal or personal check after the order is received. All sales are secure, as they go through the PayPal system and you don’t even have to have a PayPal account. Simply go to the site and open an account if you don’t have one, then follow the directions.

I hope I have a happy birthday and that you enjoy your read! And ‘happy refund’ to all of you! Be sure to email me at stan@stclair.net to let me know how to pay your rebate.