How to not gain weight during the holidays

We all do it every year. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we overeat because there is just so-o-o much delicious food and we just have to sample most of it. Then on  New Years we make a resolution (or at least a pledge) to lose the extra pounds.

Have you ever thought about it? This is like going to a party expecting to get wasted. But a lot of people do that too.

We don’t have to gain weight over the holidays. But that takes will power. We have to make a conscious decision not to eat too much. So if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and filled with gas, and you don’t want to be concerned about your diet in January, just make a determination that you will eat sensibly this week and during the entire season. You can do what you determine you will. I’m making my ‘resolution’ now. Then I can be thankful that I was resolute. How about you?