Ron Cunningham: A Tribute to a Great American

This past Thursday I was taken aback and very saddened to learn of the passing of my dear friend, Ron Cunningham. Since I met him at a Scottish event in April, 2009, we have been very close. Right away, before even getting to know me Ron purchased one of my books and told me a little about his harrowing experiences as a small town sheriff in the late 1970s and how a contract out on his life brought in experts with the FBI, TBI and US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Information gathered in the FBI sting further incriminated the past Tennessee Governor, already under investigation, and got the present governor involved in the process. Right on the heels of the Buford Pusser saga which was made into the major motion picture, Walking Tall, he was sought after by the press and Hollywood wanting rights. He denied all at the time. Ron felt that the time had come and the story should be told. He came to my home and we made an agreement to co-write his story. The initial book, Conspiracy in the Town That TIme Forgot  was my first book to be heralded as an Amazon Hot New Release when it came out in October that year. He and I traveled around the region and even out of state on book signings. Two were at campuses of Motlow State Community College, which carried it in their bookstores and libraries and recommended it to Criminal Justice students. It was carried in several regional bookstores and other places of business, even some in other states. He and I co-wrote two more books and have spent a great deal of time together, During most of this time he was serving as Captain over investigations for the city of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Ron has treated me like a brother, having me take part in several family events.


Due to the fact that his wife, Linda, was in Guatemala at the time of his passing, services have been put off until next weekend. I salute Ron, and his wife and three daughters have lost a great example of American fortitude and courage. He will be dearly missed by so many that I cannot begin to say. Our books are still available at and on Amazon and other bookseller websites around the world.

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