Fall is in the air

It seems that a season has only begun when it fades into another. The seasons come and go with lightening speed, and even more so as Father Time works on us forming lines on our faces and blanching our hair till it resembles fallen snow upon our roof tops.

As autumn slips in, many of us will not likely be on the go at quite the pace of summer, and it will be a good time to catch up on our reading. On our home page at http://stclairpublications.com there is now a new video about Tammy Mentzer Brown’s gripping true story, A Teacher’s Prayer, which has already touched the hearts of many, and some have even said it made an impact on their lives. This would be an excellent book to read, either in paperback or Kindle e-book to fill some hours when the temperatures are taking a nose dive and dampness fills the atmosphere outside your window. Get your copy today at our site, on Amazon, from Barnes and Noble, or at Hastings book store. You will be glad you did.