Promoting your book

I attended a webinar last evening with two very influential bestselling authors, Mark Anestasi and Australian, Cydney O’Sullivan. Cydney conducted the lion’s share of the webinar, and put out a lot of great ideas. I was very pleased to find that I am already using most of them…at least the ones pertaining to actually promoting books.

The premise of the presentation was developing a ‘platform.’ This refers to a base of followers and customers with whom to communicate via email, social networking and events. Accounts with various social networks are imperative to an author’s success.

One interesting fact was that the average book sells less that 250 books simply because authors fail to do their homework before writing and publishing. Another tidbit involved the fact which I have stated many times: NO BOOK WILL SELL UNLESS IT IS PROMOTED.

Then there is the part about why traditional publishers don’t have the funds to promote books like they used to. Cost of major media advertising is now so expensive that it is prohibitive. Amazon and the social media are taking over the marketplace. That’s where we shine, because that’s how we market. She also expressed the importance of author pages and web sites. Got it there, too. We provide each author with their own page on our site and they may also set up an Amazon author page with which to link their other sites. Come on board. We’ve got your back when it comes to promoting your book at St, Clair Publications!

Realizing your dream – Be published

Many a person has gone through life with a great personal ambition, and reached his or her twilight years without achieving it. I was a lot like thiat, myself. I always was drawn to the fine arts–drawing, painting acting and writing. I have done a bit of them all, and had ambitions to be a commercial artist as a youth. Though I did draw up some plans which became a reality, like a tourist attraction in Western North Carolina near my boyhood home; and though I recieved awards for art and later became a draftsman, that did not fulfill my longing for fulfillment of my dream.

I began writing poerty and songs as a teen, and one of my teachers dubbed me “the aspiring poet.”  Later a number of my verses would be published in books and newspapers. But although I submitted my first book to a publisher in 1974, and though it was read and commented upon, like so many hopeful, even good authors, it was rejected.

Today it is much easier to be published and follow your dream. At St Clair Publications, each author receives personal attention and is respected and not overcharged. I really think that our low-cost quality services and products are one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, so be sure to forget you read this…that is unless you want to write or genuinely care for someone who is talented and deserves to be published. Contact me personally at if you need more info.


Self-Publishing Your Book

The following was just posted on Michele Doucette’s blog, The Enlightened Scribe. It is indicative of the services and care given by our highly-competent team at St. Clair Publications.

In this day and age, self-publication with a POD (Print on Demand) affiliated company is the best way to go. There are no outlandish costs and there is no overhead.

The best decision I could ever have made, in this regard, was to sign on with Stanley J. St. Clair of St. Clair Publications in Tennessee.

St.Clair Publications was founded with the desire to help lesser known authors. With them, I am part of an ever-growing family.

Stan’s international associations and prominence in many literary and research organizations has allowed St.Clair Publications to offer a great opportunity to many, yet undiscovered, talents.

St.Clair Publications is associated and distributed through Ingram Books, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor Books, Amazon and many others.

I still consider it a privilege to have been the first published author with this company, their motto being … small enough to listen to the author, large enough to reach the world.

To date, I have published 2 books related to crystals, 3 historical (metaphysical) novels, 11 spiritual (metaphysical, inspirational) volumes and a single paternal genealogy tome, with two maternal genealogy volumes to follow suit.

All are available through Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble; at least, these are the online venues that I am familiar with.

Stan believes that a room without books is like a body without a soul.

Knowing how to read well before I went to school, I can say that I, too, feel the same. Even in this day and age of e-books, I would be lost without my hard copy for easy, and immediate, access.

Kent Hesselbein is a most gifted graphic design artist of over 25 years. We are honored to have him as part of the team.

As a new author of primarily spiritual, metaphysical, inspirational and visionary work, I want a cover design that is impressive, striking, riveting; one that immediatedly draws and engages the reader-to-be.

With meticulous attention to detail applied to every project, and impressive email communication between individuals, Kent is able to deliver; this is a man completely dedicated to his craft.

As I continue to write and publish, so, too, shall we continue to forge ahead together.




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What should a new author write about?

Recently a friend said to me, “I have thought about writing a book. Any suggestions? I told him “First, it needs to be something about which you are knowledgable, and for which you have a passion.”

Too many new authors have tested the waters with an idea for a novel that they thought would be interesting to readers, but which was so ficticious that they had to research everything to get ready. Most new novelists, unless they have excellent connections, even if they self-publish their work, will be unable to sell it. That’s why my suggestion to my friend is so important.

During this time of slow economic conditions and concen about moving forward into a prosperous tomorrow, some subjects that appeal to readers are self-improvement, spiritual growth, and true stories of courage and victory. In preparing for an upcoming book I did research on a phrase I heard Stephen Tyler use on American Idol, “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” I found that it had been attributed to several persons, most of them well-known. It turned out that it was first printed in a poem in 1922 in a magazine of poetry which was written by a practically unknown poet, Karle Wilson Baker.

Unless one puts aside their fears they are not likely to successfully launch out as an author. But finding the right publisher is also paramount. Because our fees for editing and manuscript preperation for work we publish are so affordable, I reserve the right to reject a manuscript that I feel unappropriate for our market. But one never knows usless they try. Contact me today at for more information.