Life before and after smart phones

Recently my smart phone, which I had only owned for one year and five months, completely died. I had an old phone temporarily reinstated while I worked out a deal with my provider. I felt lost, because my smart phone is, and was, as my oldest son once said, “My link to the world.” Luckily I got an even better phone with a larger screen and 4G service capabilities. I have thought a lot about all the things for which we depend upon our mobile phones. We are going on a trip shortly and we will use it as a GPS. A lot of folks utilize them to play all sorts of games. It is our camera and we’ve learned a new word, “selfie.” Of course it is the means by which we keep up with family members and friends on social media whom we would not have a clue what was happening in their lives otherwise. We can vote on talent contests, and polls. It is our calculator, and our video viewer; we can read books on it, and use it to look up words and subjects like we used to in our dictionaries and encyclopedias. People even order copies of our St. Clair Publications books everyday on their phones at online booksellers around the world. Of course there is still a place for PCs like I am using to post this blog entry because of the quicker typing ability. Oh, by the way, we can also use it to make a phone call! And usually at a set monthly rate, not with the ‘long distance charges’ of the past. But a lot of folks find it more feasible to simply text, because they can do that at any hour and know that the recipient will be able to read it whenever it is most convenient.

But there were some great things about the “good old days” before modern technology took over our minds and lives. People even talked to each other on occasion, and looked at the road when driving. We enjoyed nature more and took walks in the woods and sometimes meandered along a bubbling stream, or sat by the stillness of a placid pond absorbed in an intriguing book. Would you like to do these things again? I think we all should sometimes. Enjoy life. It’s too short not to.

Bird Watching Can Be Rewarding

I’ve made posts here before about how much I enjoy bird watching. It started when I was a pre-teen and joined the Audubon Society to receive all of the books from which I could chart and stick in pictures off all the beautiful varieties of songbirds in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina where I was brought up. Here in the Cumberlands of Tennessee there are much the same feathered friends. I got away from bird watching as a regular sport as I grew up and got into the hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane. Now that I am retired from running a multi-state insurance agency, I can take my time writing and publishing and once again enjoy the beauty of nature which surrounds me.

As I mentioned on previous posts, I have spotted, and even view close up numerous birds from a Golden Hawk and a Kestrel to a seemingly really out-of-place Blue Heron.

This spring a pair of Cardinals nested and hatched young in a bush at the front of our house. There are plenty of Robins, Blue Jays, Mockingbirds, Starlings and Wrens about all the time. Lately I’ve been seeing a Wood Thrush apparently making its abode in our massive maple behind our house. I love the simple things in life.

I guess that’s why I still enjoy reading a good book (the old fashioned kind when you have to turn actual pages). We have a lot of them on our website at and Amazon has most of them in both paperback and the electronic version enjoyed by so many nowadays. Whatever your “cup of tea” is you’ll likely find it in the pages of one of our books!

So for those who, like me,like the simple things in life, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the reading of a great book!