Sharing Worthwhile Thoughts

Last Saturday I had the privilege of speaking for the Warren County Genealogical Association here in my hometown of Mc Minnville, Tennessee. Afterward I had a book signing.

On the evening of April 30, my wife, Rhonda and I will be attending a benefit dinner for the Cancer Society at the Country Club in Tullahoma, Tennessee, where my good friend and co-author of three books, Ron Cunningham will be a “Celebrity Waiter.”

On May 12, I have agreed to speak at College Day for Bobby Ray Elementary School here.

Then on May 16 and 17 I will be hosting a Clan Sinclair tent at the Smoky Mountain Highland Games in Maryville, Tennessee. There I will have select books for sale.

Being an author and publisher is an enjoyable way to spend my retirement years. That’s why I offer inexpensive author services and free publication to authors whom I feel have something of worth to say. If you have worthwhile thoughts which you would like to share with the world, contact me at If you would like to read worthwhile books shared by select authors, see Our quality work is available on Amazon sites around the globe as well, and from numerous other online booksellers.

Book number 70 about to be released

Since our inception, St. Clair Publications has submitted 70 books to the public, including those now in final stages of release. One would think that I would be the author with the most releases, but not so.

With a total of 21 titles either released of in process of release is spiritual and self-help author, Michele Doucette of Canada. She currently has two of these titles in process.

I have been the primary author of 12 released and one more about to pop on the scene. This one is a small Emma Lynn Children’s Book which is to be a prequel to my autobiographical tale of youth, Beyond the Thistle Patch. It is conveniently dubbed, Before the Thistle Patch, and begins in Canton, Ohio on the spring day of the move to the farm on which I was reared in the mountains of North Carolina in June, 1954.

Geared to pre-teens, it will also appeal to any child of the 1950s who yearns for memories of the past. It should be on Amazon in less than 2 weeks. Happy Reading.

Prince of Kings is out!

Well, after months of writing and corresponding with Israel Stuart, our  exciting true story is available! This biographical adventure in survival of the fittest, filled with uncanny events and shocking revelations, is out on Amazon! 

Kings, in the story, is a small town in Mississippi. Here, a tow-headed boy begins a life filled with abuse and denial by his parents of his true identity. He is endowed with a special and unique gift, which is also belittled and sluffed off by those around him. When certain events bring him to the brink of truth, he is forced by those to whom he is entrusted to pack up and move to one town after another. Despite all of these attempts, he discovers that he is a special person with uncanny talents of royal lineage. He is able to quickly develop song lyrics for future artists who cross his path which will become hits, but is also prevented from receiving the credit or any gain whatsoever. Yet numerous persons whom he encounter come away better and richer people because of him.

The Prince of Kings is a powerful and touching story which will keep you turning pages and begging for more. Own your copy today at

Book Promotion Ideas

I’ve often told new and aspiring authors that just writing a book doesn’t insure its success. No book sells unless it’s promoted. Several of my authors have done just that and been highly successful.

One important book promotion idea is to have someone with like interests who has pull among those most likely to purchase your book do a review, either online, or in a printed publication. Katy Ishee is the author of Pieces of My Heart, a heart-rending true story of a young girl who got pregnant as a teen, then was not only forced to give up her baby, but given electrical shock treatments in an attempt to erase all memory of him. After that, she spent many years of wandering about the country, joining motorcycle groups, and searching relentlessly for her child until she found him. A number of celebrities and writers have endorsed the book. Recently, Toker, a member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club did a great story on her found at this site She has also been on television and has traveled around the country doing signings to promote her book.

Another of our authors, Tammy Mentzer Brown, tells her story with great emotion in A Teacher’s Prayer.  Though a vastly different type of writing, there are the common threads of childhood abuse and recovery. Her book has been so successful that she is traveling doing seminars at womens’ groups, churches, and even schools. She was recently on Fox TV in Birmingham, Alabama. That interview may be viewed at

For more ideas to promote your book can begin by visiting our site at and emailing me at

Writing a book

As both an author and a publisher for a number of years now, I’ve had a lot of people contact me about writing a book. Most of them feel like they have something to say that they want to tell the world. This is a noble goal, and because a lot of folks have it on their bucket list, it’s paramount to have somewhere to turn for guidance in the process who has the knowledge of not only where to begin, but how to put all the parts together and make the venture all it can be from writing the first line to marketing it.

Writing a book can be a frustrating experience, and one which can confuse even the most proficient writer. Then there is the sticky matter of getting it published. Traditional publishers turn down thousands of good manuscripts each day. Back when I wrote my first book, I was actually getting my manuscript read. Today, even that is highly unlikely unless you get professional guidance and choose a publisher who can get and keep you on the right track. But even more alarming is how much many ‘self-publishing’ firms charge for basic services.

All of these are reasons that if you want to write a book, or if you already have done so, St. Clair Publications is the ideal place to turn. Email me at for information…that’s free!

Each day brings new challenges

It seems that to some extent this has been one constant. But that statement in itself is a bit of a paradox. I suppose I’m glad that new projects and puzzles lurk on the horizon of each new sunrise–actually I face them earlier, since I am an early riser. Without something to occupy my imagination I would lack vision. And without a vision people perish.

Today I am dealing with a mix of circumstances regarding pubilcation at some level with five books. Receiving the Kindle version of a classic from an associate and setting it up to go on Amazon; receiving in the mail two proofs of other books and likely a hardback history book which I am examining for scanning and reprinting because the original publisher has gone out of business; and conducting an interview with a new author regarding publishing her book of poetry. And, oh yes…,likely spending time inserting some edits which come to me from another associate on my own new book. Certainly a busy day, and this is not all I am dealing with.

But if I didn’t feel that it was all for the greater good I would be enjoying retirement from my previous profession rather than spreading myself thin like this. Yet even in so doing, I always am concerned with each individual author and each particular book, and do not get off focus while handling them.

Our motto is Small Enough to Care about the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.

Setting the Standard in a Genre

Watching the Golden Globes and other such award shows gives me a prospective of what is relavent in a particular marketplace and enriches my personal understanding of the various categories being judged.

Most motion pictures are based on books, of course, and only those catching the eye of producers are considered for such distinction. Then only the best of the best are the recipients of awards.

In not only writing, but publishing books, I understand more than the average person, that quality and desirability of a certain book is imperative in order for it to sell. At St. Clair Publications it is our desire to publish books, both in hard copies and e books, which will be appreciated and purchased by a fair share of individuals who are interested in or have need for that subject matter.

Our variety of genres runs a large gammet. We publish anything from poetry to sci-fi; from romance and time travel to religious publications and self-improvement; from true crime to dictionaries.

It is our desire to set the standard, which is not that easy in today’s wide market. And speaking of dictionaries, my phrase origin books have been some of the best-selling ones online. On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms with its quirky style of humor, has been near the top of Amazon’s best-selling cliche origin books for the last two Christmas seasons since it was released in September, 2011. The second volume of this is On the Origin of the Cliches, All New, Volume Two. It has held it’s own as well. But my ultimate and final effort in this field is now nearing publication. It is called Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions. It takes out the humor and competes with the dictionaries produced by the major New York companies in this field. In fact, in it I prove many of the earliest citations and some very origins of phrases published previously to be incorrect. In short, It is almost 800 pages in small print, and I plan on setting a new and impressive industry standard. It is due out this spring.

If you have a manuscript which you feel can set a standard in its genre, please contact me at . Of course, we reserve the right of rejecting any manuscript. But you never know till you try… and you may be pleasantly surprised.

(St. Clair Publications is a POD publisher)

A poet and don’t know it

I am wrapping up phase one of my final phrase origin book. The original, On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms, continues to sell daily on Amazon both in America and also a number in the U.K. On the Origin of the Cliches, All New, Book II is also selling well.

The effort of the new book continues to consume much of my time. But the result is definitely worth it. I am now doing corrective formatting to agree with my new, larger page, smaller text version. It will approach 800 pages and is intended to be a trend-setter and standard-bearer for future books of its type. It will contain the phrases in my earlier books and many hundreds more. After this stage I shall begin first proofing, then two of my associates will also go over it carefully before I begin the final editing and proofing for publication, hopefully in late spring, 2013.

One of the entries is “Poet and don’t know it.” If you’ve ever made a rhyme without trying you may have had someone rattle off these witty words to you. Here is my entry for that phrase:

Poet and don’t know it

This sordonic statement is invoked when someone has apparently made an unintentional rhyme. It has been around in varying forms since the late-nineteenth century. The earliest known citation is from Niagara University’s (New York) Niagara Index, page 27, 1 October 1895:

“The author of that German poem, placed under our door must come to our office and identify himself with no less than three witnesses before we will pass judgement on its merits for publication.

“’We have a poet and don’t know it. If he had whiskers he’d be a go at.’”

The fact that the entire expression was in quotes leads to the opinion that it was already in use. Then in 1926 the following variation, which became more popular, appeared in Volume 20 of the Washington, DC, literary journal, Gargoyle Magazine as a part of a ‘Pat and Mike’ joke:

Pat: “You’re a poet and don’t know it, your feet show it; they’re Long- fellows.”

At St. Clair Publications we actually publish poets–the kind that KNOW IT and want to be read. Recently a friend made it known that she had a book of poetical prayers that she wanted to someday publish. We will be the ones with the honor of putting out her book.

If you have some poems that you believe are worthy of appearing in print, let me know and I will be happy to discuss it with you. I do have the option of accepting or rejecting anything, of course. We have guidelines and standards. Here’s wishing our readers a very merry holiday season.


The books just keep coming out – I am thankful

In the last few years St. Clair Publications has released 52 books and has two more in the final editing process at this date. A number more are in various stages of writing and preparation.

I am thankful as we near the Thanksgiving holiday that we are blessed to be able to continue operating our publishing business debt-free, with all expenses paid as they are incurred. At a time when traditional publishing companies with great trackrecords are shutting their doors, we are operating as we did when we first began to open our hearts to other authors in 2008. All books are printed on demand so no one is out big bucks for books lying on a shelf somewhere. Yes, we have books in a number of bookstores and retail establishments, and in libraries in the U.S., Canada and the UK. But we don’t owe a dime on the publication and have been able to keep expenses to a mimimum.

Though our on-site EVolve ebook launch has been slightly delayed, we expect that all technicalities will be resolved soon and the new division will make it even easier for everyone to own a St. Clair Publications book. We have many ebooks available on Amazon Kindle even now.

In the meantime, be thankful for what you have, be safe and enjoy the upcoming holiday!