Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a special day in America for giving thanks for our many blessings, both as individuals and families, and for our great heritage as a nation. I encourage everyone to take the day to reflect on the positive in their lives and count their blessings not their sorrows. Happy Thanksgiving, America! And may the future bring many more blessings to each of our St. Clair Publications friends and family!.

That Magic Moment

Yesterday NY Giant Odell Beckham made what is being heralded by many as the “Best Catch Ever,” falling into the end zone for a touchdown which was nothing less than unbelievable! Unfortunately for him, the Giants were still defeated by the Dallas Cowboys.

Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard we try, something knocks us back after a major victory. But that’s life. I’ve learned to savor the magic moments, and not worry about things I can’t change.

Here’s hoping that in this wonderful season of giving thanks we all learn to remember that there are magic moments in each of our lives worth savoring.

At St. Clair Publications we have lots of wonderful books. Reading can make us relax. Reading can help us learn and grow. Why not check out our great books at stclairpublications.com and if you don’t get it there, they are available on Amazon all over the world. Have a great Thanksgiving and be thankful for the magic moments in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a moment on this special morning and wish a Happy Thanksgiving to my authors, customers and numerous social media friends. May the love within us become ENTHUSIASM and reach out to all of God’s children around the globe. Inside there is no race or color. “All men are created equal.”

Yesterday I placed a cliche from my popular book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions and a good number of copies sold on Amazon yesterday alone. To whomever is responsible, many thanks. My best to all of you, today and always!

The books just keep coming out – I am thankful

In the last few years St. Clair Publications has released 52 books and has two more in the final editing process at this date. A number more are in various stages of writing and preparation.

I am thankful as we near the Thanksgiving holiday that we are blessed to be able to continue operating our publishing business debt-free, with all expenses paid as they are incurred. At a time when traditional publishing companies with great trackrecords are shutting their doors, we are operating as we did when we first began to open our hearts to other authors in 2008. All books are printed on demand so no one is out big bucks for books lying on a shelf somewhere. Yes, we have books in a number of bookstores and retail establishments, and in libraries in the U.S., Canada and the UK. But we don’t owe a dime on the publication and have been able to keep expenses to a mimimum.

Though our on-site EVolve ebook launch has been slightly delayed, we expect that all technicalities will be resolved soon and the new division will make it even easier for everyone to own a St. Clair Publications book. We have many ebooks available on Amazon Kindle even now.

In the meantime, be thankful for what you have, be safe and enjoy the upcoming holiday!